Thursday, November 16, 2006

Canberra Nature Park - Gungahlin Hill

On Tuesday, when it was warm and sunny, not sleeting and snowing like yesterday, we spent a very pleasant couple of hours roaming through one of the nearby nature parks.

Typical scenes throughout the park.

Over the years many trees have lost branches, leaving perfect nesting places for several kinds of birds. You can tell that this tree has two recently used nest by the way the bark is worn away at the edges.

If you click to enlarge this photo you will see an Eastern Rosella about to leave the nest.

Some views of the surrounding city, suburbs and countryside.

Two Crimson Rosellas checking out the intruders!

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tlawwife said...

I know you need rain but those blue skys behind the trees makes a stunning photo.

Jellyhead said...

I was just thinking the same thing as tlawwife - that sky in the last photo is so stunningly blue - and what a shame the country is so dry.

Hope you're having a great week, Alice!

HORIZON said...

Another world!
Beautiful birds too.
Heading to my bed here now :)

Kerri said...

I love those beautiful ghost gums...magnificent! The rosellas are lovely too.
I can't believe you went from those wonderful blue skies to sleet and snow the very next day!
There doesn't look to be much grass there for the cattle. It's amazing that anything survives with so little rainfall. I hope you have some good rain soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice! I was thinking of you yesterday and today and wondering if you had any snow.
A little fell at Blackheath which was quite hilarious as just a town or two up the bush fires are raging out of control. Can you believe that?
thanks so much for visiting xox

Sigruns German Garden said...

I say the same as Horizon: An other world! How nice to see, how you live.


LindaD said...

You have such exotic birds. I love the bark on those trees - Beautiful distance scenery.. complete for birds and cattle. Who could ask for more? beyond rain, I mean. California gets all brown and dry at least part of the year.. but greens up so quickly when rain comes. Does yours,madnfnv also?

SnowWhite said...

I love this time of year for us, such beauty all around and the birds, we have so many kingfisher nest on our property, and not forgetting all the others but my favourite are our friendly local ducks we have two that waddle all around the property. lovely pic , well done capturing the birdies to boot.

Jeanette said...

Hi Alice
lovely photo's i love the way you have captured the blue sky through the trees,and the Rossella leaving the nest.

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderfully beautiful! How grand the world is, the nature. I love it.

Love the different kind of birds you have too!

Gwen said...

Hi Alice..Great snaps of the trees,
Those Rosella's are beautiful.I will certainly try your "xmas pud"

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Did you say, sleeting & snowing? The sky looks so pretty and clear and blue in all of your pictures. I haven't seen a clear sky in seems to rain or drizzle every day. I love looking at your beautiful pictures and can't wait for clear skies here at home again.

Michelle Wood said...

Wonderful pictures....such wide-open skies!