Monday, August 25, 2008

Malmsbury Botanical Gardens

Malmsbury, just a few kms from Kyneton in central Victoria, is a delightful small town and the proud owner of these botanical gardens, designed by Baron von Mueller, who was also responsible for the splendid Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. These gardens, although quite small contain many wonderful old trees, and must be a delight to the local residents throughout the year. Although we were there on a wet, winter's day, we could see what an asset they are to this tiny town.


Anonymous said...

We have delightful duck ponds near where we live... with gorgeous plump ducks waddling here and there... looking for a crumb or three! Lovely photos as usual... takes me away to a dreamy place.
xox Nicole

Pear tree cottage! said...

O! Alice photos of my back yard "how nice!" :) well almost! kinda! lol lol lol!

If you had arrived here just one month earlier the little lake would have been empty but yes with the many days of rain here we were having it filled fast......must have known you were going to take these beautiful photos.

Thank you for putting my dear home town on your blog, we love its simple way of life even more now there is very little traffic.


Noella said...

More memories...I ate a picnic lunch in these gardens in 1992, on the way to Castlemaine, on a flying visit from Perth. Accompanied by my aunt from Alaska, and my mother and father, we were research family history in Castlemaine.

The hour or so we spent in the Malmsbury gardens was beautiful, early Autumn, golden trees and the ancestors of these very ducks!

Thanks for the stroll down memory-lane, Alice. (Yes, I know I owe you email...)

Kerri said...

These gardens look like a lovely, peaceful place for a stroll.
I see you've been very busy with your camera...and a great job you've done.
The ducks look very friendly :)
Thanks for sharing this pretty place. I can almost smell that Aussie air!

meggie said...

Lovely & somehow reminiscent of the Botanical Gardens in Christchurch New Zealand, which are so beautiful.

Val said...

Hi Alice, we stop and have lunch at these gardens EVERY time we go to our place near Castlemaine. First we stop at the Malmsbury bakery to buy steak 'n kidney pies, then park right there where those ducks are walking. One of my favourite places in Central Victoria. Your photos really paint the picture.