Friday, January 08, 2010

Antics and Surprises on the deck

Our mid-morning cup of tea on the deck took on a new dimension this morning when our regular friendly magpie, Rossini, flew down onto the table to see if we had brought anything for him. A few minutes later his 'wife' paid us a rare visit and they warbled in unison, perched on the back of the chairs.

Evidently Rossini had urgent matters to attend to and flew off, but the 'wife' stayed and was soon joined by Junior Magpie, squawking for a feed. Mother did her best, even trawling through the flowers to get to Junior......anything to shut him up.
"Say 'please' and I'll feed you."

"Still trying to fight my way through this 'undergrowth'"

"There, that should keep you quiet for a while."

"I'll try playing deaf and ignore you."

A short time later Richard was thrilled to discover that two of the Hoyas he had grown from cuttings were not only threatening to overun the deck but had also burst into flower....the first we've seen.

Friday, January 01, 2010

..... and just a few more!

With Michelle and Lachlan - Evelynne's Godparents.

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