Monday, November 27, 2006

Does every cloud have a silver lining?

Perhaps. But yesterday's certainly didn't have any rain. Still, I thought they made some interesting pictures

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(I had some partial success with 'Hello' today so I added a few more photos of the Japanese Gardens to yesterday's posting.)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Japanese Memorial Gardens

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The Japanese Memorial Gardens at Cowra, in central New South Wales, are always beautifully maintained and refreshing and interesting in all seasons.

(Unfortunately, Hello is only partially posting some photos again so I've had to delete several.)

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thoughts of Thanksgiving Day

I posted this piece about a memorable Thanksgiving Day to my blog last year. But I thought I would do it again as I've gained so many more overseas friends during this past year, who will be celebrating so many things today.

Although we don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Australia, I wish you all a very happy day with family and friends.


With all our US friends celebrating Thanksgiving today I thought I would recall our special Thanksgiving experience in 1993. We were spending a week in Phoenix as part of a six week US tour on our way back to Australia after almost a year in England. We booked to go on a bus trip to the Grand Canyon - small bus, nine people from various parts of the US and three Aussies.

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It was a clear, sunny day, with drifts of snow hiding in sheltered places. The scenery along the way was varied and interesting, especially to us. The Grand Canyon was indeed, Grand. I don't remember the name of the place where we lunched, but as it was Thanksgiving Day, Richard, Sara and I decided that we should have the traditional TD dinner. All very nice and filling, too. More sightseeing in the afternoon, buying souveniers, chatting with our 'new friends for a day', and generally lapping up the scenery and experience of seeing one of the great wonders of the world, and trying to keep warm in the chilly wind. On the return journey, as we approached a small town (I don't remember which one) the driver asked if we wanted to stop for dinner or just keep going? I think the children outvoted the adults and we stopped at a motel/cafe for dinner. This establishment was evidently a regular stopping-point for the Phoenix/G.Canyon tours, and was obviously expecting us. There were no other diners and one long table was set up just for us, and the traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner that was served that night was certainly given the seal of approval by everyone. We were so glad that the children outvoted us, but maybe the driver would have told us we were expected and called in anyway.

For us it was a very memorable day - lovely travelling companions, spectacular scenery, delicious food and the feeling of having shared in an important tradition. We were indeed Thankful.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

BBQ Breakfast

After a BBQ breakfast on Sunday morning of fruit salad, and eggs, bacon, tomato and sausages, a pleasant walk was needed at Lake Ginninderra and a couple of hours relaxing in the ponds during the heat of the day. An outing enjoyed by all, including ShellyC's Swiss in-laws and the grandchildren.

Bacon and eggs coming up.

Let's try out the water.

Bridge on Ginninderra Drive.

View to the Belconnen Town Centre.

Quick March, left, left, left right left ....

A flock of Cormorants going fishing.


A rapid descent.

A family relaxes.

Peace and tranquility.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

For Shannon.

My son's partner, Shannon is currently in Belgium, but we need her here to climb the cherry tree and pick her favourite fruit for us. Can you make it by tomorrow, Shannon, or maybe the day after?

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More Trees.

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Here are a few more photos taken during our walk in one of the Nature Parks during the week, featuring a variety of barks, tree trunks, eucalyptus flowers and even an ant nest.

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