Sunday, October 29, 2006

Taking a Little Break ...

.... be back soon!

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The Miracle of Regeneration.

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This photo is typical of many areas in Australia a couple of years after bushfires. Eucalypt trees in the process of regeneration. The bare branches have died and will eventually fall, but the trunks are producing an abundance of new leaves on small branches, which will ultimately replace the dead ones. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Not too much blogging being done at the moment as we are enjoying spending time with our cousins from England. On Monday we visited a few places in New South Wales, including the tiny town of Binalong, about an hour's drive from Canberra. Although many years past its heyday, Binalong has some interesting buildings and also the grave of one of our famous bushrangers, John Gilbert.

Typical cottage with wrought-iron lacework around the verandah.

The General Store, built in 1909.

Another typical building of a century ago, a hotel with wide, shady verandah and corrugated iron roof.

Binalong Garage with petrol bowsers out the front.

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Newsagent & Milkbar.

Real Estate Agent.

Main street.

Wheat silos.

A common scene from yesteryear when cattle were driven on foot in search of feed or to market. Unfortunately, due to the drought, it's becoming a not unusual sight today. Though I think the 'drover' with the horse and buggy is something of an exception.

Historic steam engine and eucalypt tree.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's .....

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...the United Kingdom. Or was it just my imagination that had the United Kingdom floating overhead?
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It's all the fault of Picasa/Hello and Blogger .... they were all working beautifully so I just kept posting photos, scarcely able to believe my luck. The sun went behind a cloud so I grabbed the camera and rushed outside, but sure as I would find something to snap, the sun would come out again. So some of them are a little overexposed and I think there's a smudge on the lens, but hey ..... they posted first time. Yes, really .... THE FIRST TIME!!!

Californian Poppies, Centranthus, Osteospermum.

Before anyone asks - the green plastic is currently keeping the plants and soil off the water meter. Must find a more attractive and permanent barrier than this.

Primulas, Stocks, and Cal. Poppies.

Self-sown Sweet Peas.

Crab Apple (Malus) in centre and Variegated Abelia.

Californian Poppies and Primulas.

Cerastium (Snow in Summer)Posted by Picasa

Banksia Rose back on newly painted fence.

Cistus (Rock Rose) pale pink.

Jasmine - a little past its best but still with a heavenly perfume.


Osteospermum, pink Azalea and Purple Native Hibiscus.


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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Green Thumb Sunday

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I have been invited to join Green Thumb Sunday, which should be fun. Similar to other specific postings for a particular day of the week, this one calls for participants to post a photo from nature, eg. their garden, an animal/insect, clouds, trees, water or almost anything found in the natural world.

I thought I would post this photo for my initial GTS because, although the fence, posts and paint may be a little removed from the natural world, it does form one of the boundaries of my garden and it took so jolly long to get the photo without the subject either hiding or pulling faces, that I felt it deserved this honour.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Back again .......!!!

They are back - no thanks to 'Hello'. I'll try some captions again, but if they don't work then that's it from me, gone forever, no more photos ,,,,, ha, ha, what a joke - I would feel undressed without the camera these days so I'm bound to inflict a few more upon you from time to time. OK, here goes .....

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I thought I had it all worked out, but then found I had blank space about a kilometre long between each photo. So, that's it - no captions. Now, I'd better get out there and do some weeding since it's a cooler, calmer day than we've had for a while.