Wednesday, September 30, 2009


..... a time for flowers.

Although I've pulled a great many plants out of the garden in the last few weeks, a little colour is gradually returning.

This was today's offering.

White Azalea - almost smothered by violets....their days are numbered, too!
Yellow Osteospermum (African Daisy)

Pink Correa, Bronze Fennel and Euphorbia.


Cercis Forest Pansy in front of Pittosporum

This Californian Poppy provides such a bright splash of colour on this heap of soil that I thought it deserved to stay there and be photographed.

Pink Marguerites.

Apple Blossom

Freesias, Alyssum and lettuce.

Gazanias, Luecadendron, and Eriostemon (now called Pilotheca)

If I'd not been so lazy I would have removed the hose!

Lavatera, on the right.

Forget-me-nots - love them now, hate them later!

Front garden.

Cherry tree with astonishing amount of blossom.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Despite the Dust.....

.... there was still some colour in the garden this week.



My favourite daffodil at the moment.

Tomatoes waiting to be planted out - hopefully when frosts are finished.

Home grown 'nursery'. Most of these trees and shrubs have been propagated by Richard from seed or cutting.


Surprise cyclamen - surprise because we didn't know it was hiding in this pot.

Cherry Blossom against a briefly blue sky.

Fresh new leaves on the Claret Ash.

Pinkish flowers and seeds on the Canadian Maple.

Pink Rosemary


Bi-colour perennial wallflower.


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Place Needs Dusting......

..... OUTSIDE!!!

As a result of wild weather across southern Australia, we have been 'visited' by tonnes of topsoil from South Australia and western New South Wales.

Whilst we may be covered in dust, the farmers out west will have suffered heartbreak and financial loss from the stripping of their topsoil.

The sun struggling through at about 8.30am.

Multi-layered clouds this afternoon against what should be a blue sky.

At least the fields are still green.

The thunder was rumbling too.

Slightly clearer in the upper atmosphere.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Believe it or not.....

..... this is the face of Victory!

Sara was happy - she just didn't want her photo taken.

A hug from Dad was okay.

Pre-match warm-up. (Sara is #10 - standing on the white line)

University of Canberra won its third successive hockey Premiership today by defeating the Australian National University 2-1

The clouds looked ominous early in the afternoon, but the weather remained fine and sunny.

Whilst on the subject of Wales....

...... these photos were taken on a train trip from Machynlleth to Pwllheli. Most were taken through the train windows, so I apologise for them being not as clear as I would like, and with the occasional reflection. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact location for many of these places along the route.
Click to enlarge map.

The station at Machynlleth.

Stone fences.

Hundreds of holiday cabins.

Harlech castle.

It just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?