Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Canberra to Cairns

A couple of weeks ago we ventured further north in Australia than we've ever been before. All the way to Cairns in tropical far north of Queensland. We spent a week at the Cairns Beach Resort at Holloways Beach, a few kms north of Cairns. It was a lovely resort, with a fantastic pool which even enticed Richard and I to make splash each day. How annoyed am I that I forgot to take photos!!! There's a restaurant across the road called 'Strait (sic) on the Beach', and it literally is, so you can hear the waves breaking only a few metres away as you enjoy a delicious meal.

Leaving Canberra Airport.

Canberra from the air with the Bindabella Ranges in the background.

Clouds can be even more attractive when you're right up there with them.

Arriving at Brisbane Airport, to change for Cairns (there are no direct flights Canberra-Cairns).

Through a somewhat grimy plane window I could see lots of tiny clouds - definitely not rain-bearing clouds coming your way, Michelle - and what I thought were small, indistinct islands.

Soon I realised that we were in fact flying over the famous Great Barrier Reef. I hadn't expected to be able to see it so clearly from the air, nor was I prepared for the fact that it stretches for almost the entire length of Queensland. (Please check the link if you are unfamiliar with the GBR as it will give you much more information....... and I'm lazy.)

Coming into Cairns.

I hope to post more photos of our trip in the next few days.

I apologise for my long absence from the blogging scene.......I have no good excuse, so I won't try and invent

Hello and best wishes to anyone out there who may still be checking up on A Growing Delight.