Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Green, Green Grass of Home

It's hard to believe, but we actually have green lawns at the end of December, thanks to reasonable rains this month and not-too-high temperatures.
I would be a super optimist if I expected it to continue all summer, but it's a nice thought just the same.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Escape, or Escapade, if you like!

A friend and I have just spent a wonderful weekend in Sydney, where we attended two thoroughly professional and highly entertaining 'Christmas at The House' concerts, and also sat for two and a half hours on a hard ashphalt path to see this
These were the views from our 18th floor window.

With very overcast skies and skiffs of rain, one can always dream of ocean cruises....

There are some iconic landmarks on the Sydney landscape that simply must be photographed regardless of the weather, ie.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge with one of the many harbour ferries.

The Sydney Opera House

and a little of all three!

Sydney cityscape

The stage of the Opera House Concert Hall prior to the concert.

But not every day is overcast and raining in Sydney. Sunday was beautiful - and so were these two views.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Date To Remember

Saturday 16th December 1967.

..... and 41 years later!

(this photo was actually taken early last year - but we haven't changed much since then!!)

So, how did we spend our 41st Wedding Anniversary today?

We planned to go to the new Portrait Gallery, have lunch at Old Parliament House or the Botanic Gardens, see the Degas exhibition at the Art Gallery, and then go out for dinner in the evening.

Sounds good, huh? This is how it went.

Shelly rang to wish us a Happy Anniversary and tell us that Shay had just come down with Chicken Pox. (Oh the joy of waiting for the other two to get them during the school holidays!!!!) I played on the computer for a while then went to iron a shirt and gave up trying to get the iron to work, so used the old one instead (iron, not shirt).

I had a shower and got dressed, then made us a cup of tea for mid-morning. While it was cooling I unscrewed the handle off the glass sliding door from the family room to the deck because it had been getting difficult to unlock. I was sure it only needed a little adjustment. Yeah right!! A small part inside was broken.

So, morning tea over, we headed off to a nearby shopping centre to three different door and/or hardware shops to see if they could offer us any hope for our 33 year old door handle. No luck – and little prospect either. Next it was to another shopping centre to take the iron for repairs. No luck there either because it’s impossible to get spare parts, and in fact, Braun no longer make irons. Shame because I’ve had two now and they are beautiful irons to use. (Yes, that's right - I actually iron clothes, and don't really mind doing it!!!)

Over to Chinatown in the same shopping centre for lunch ......

Next it was a trip across town to a semi-industrial area to once more take up the cause of the door handle. Two more recommended places and then we finally ended up at a builders’ recycling centre. Hmmmm, not very promising as we rummage around in some bins and buckets of bits and pieces. Young man called us to come up to the back of this huge barn of a building. In a wooden drawer he had found some handles like ours. Oh bliss…..oh blast, the insides of the locks had fallen out. However, a bit more rummaging around and Richard found the part we needed, which we got for free. Well, I mean to say, who else on this earth would want one??

Okay, it’s now about 3.30pm, too late to go to the galleries and I’m too tired anyway, and my feet have long since ceased to exist. So we call into the supermarket instead, but didn’t buy much as I wasn’t in the mood to concentrate. Home at last – and ready to kill for a cuppa. I decided to have a nap and just drifted off to sleep when the phone rang. I sprang up like an Olympic Pole Vaulter in case it was Russ telling us of the arrival of our 4th Grandchild (due today)……but it was Sara wishing us a Happy Anniversary….and still no baby news from Belgium.

However, our day was redeemed by a lovely meal at an Indian restaurant and watching the sun set in a haze of pink over the deep blue mountains.

As we drank a toast to each other, Richard wished for another 41 years..................he had to be joking, surely?....lol.

However many years there are will be fine, so long as we can share them together!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Australian Christmas Carols

It's a couple of years since I first posted the words to these Australian Christmas Carols,
and since we don't hear them played nearly enough,
many people are unaware of their existence.

Written more than 50 years ago by John Wheeler and William G. James,
they capture the essence of the Christmas season in Australia - the weather, the birdsong, and all the other sounds of summer - whilst maintaining the intrinsic Christmas message, the birth of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to buy a complete recording of these carols. The one I have, by the Adelaide Singers, is on a 12" LP and more than twenty years old. If anyone does manage to find a newer version, I would love to hear about it. The written words alone give no inkling of the lilting, joyful melody so befitting of the Australian summertime.


Across the plains one Christmas night
Three drovers riding blithe and gay,
Looked up and saw a starry light
More radiant than the Milky Way;
And on their hearts such wonder fell,
They sang with joy. 'Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel!'

The air was dry with summer heat,
And smoke was on the yellow moon;
But from the heavens, faint and sweet,
Came floating down a wond'rous turn;
And as they heard, they sang full well
Those drovers three. 'Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel!'

The black swans flew across the sky,
The wild dog called across the plain,
The starry lustre blazed on high,
Still echoed on the heavenly strain;
And still they sang, 'Noel! Noel!'
Those drovers three. 'Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel! Noel!'


The silver stars are in the sky,
The red-gold moon is riding high,
O, sleep, my little one, sleep!
Once long ago against her breast,
A mother hushed a babe to rest,
Who was the Prince of Heav’n above,
The Lord of gentleness and love
O, sleep, my little one sleep.

The sleepy boo-book calls across the night,
The brown moths flutter in the light,
O, sleep, my little one, sleep!
In Bethlehem long, long ago
When roads and paddocks gleamed with snow;
On this same night, that mother mild
Lulled into dreams her Royal Child
So, sleep, my little one, sleep.


The North Wind is tossing the leaves,
The red dust is over the town,
The sparrows are under the eaves,
And the grass in the paddock is brown;
As we lift up our voices and sing
To the Christ-Child the Heavenly King.

The tree-ferns in green gullies sway;
The cool stream flows silently by;
The joy bells are greeting the day,
And the chimes are adrift in the sky,
As we lift up our voices and sing
To the Christ-Child the Heavenly King.


Out on the plains the brolgas are dancing
Lifting their feet like war horses prancing
Up to the sun the woodlarks go winging
Faint in the dawn light echoes their singing
Orana! Orana!Orana! To Christmas Day

Down where the tree-ferns grow by the river,
There where the waters sparkle and quiver,
Deep in the gullies Bell-birds are chiming,
Softly and sweetly their lyric notes rhyming
Orana! Orana!Orana! To Christmas Day.

Friar-birds sip the nectar of flowers,
Currawongs chant in wattle-tree bowers
In the blue ranges Lorikeets calling
Carols of bushlands rising and falling
Orana! Orana!Orana! To Christmas Day.


All the bells are gaily ringing,
Birds in every tree are singing;
Let us in the golden weather,
Gather Christmas Bush together.
Christ is born! The angels thunder,
Thru’ the Heavens their tale of wonder,
While we pluck for His adorning
Christmas Bush this hallowed morning.

Christ has conquered Evil’s power
Hear the bells rock every tower
Birds and beasts lift up their voices,
Freed at last the world rejoices.
Onward with triumphant chorus,
Following the road before us,
Singing thru’ the golden weather,
Gath’ring Christmas Bush together.


When the sun’s a golden rose,
And the magpie carols clear,
You can say, and I can say,
On the summer morning,
Here at last is Christmas Day,
The day that Christ was born on,
The day that Christ was born on.

When the wand’ring, lonely sheep,
Find at last a shady pool,
You can say, and I can say,
On the outback station,
Here at last is Christmas Day,
The day Christ brought salvation,
The day Christ brought salvation.

When the ranges turn to flame,
And the winds like trumpets blow,
You can say, and I can say,
Seven times and seven,
Here at last is Christmas Day,
The day that Christ came from Heaven,
The day that Christ came from Heaven.

But when summer’s shining moon,
Dips a silver chalice bright,
You can say, and I can say,
Joyously and airy –
Here at last is Christmas Day,
The day Christ smiled at Mary,
The day Christ smiled at Mary


All the heavens are lit by a bright starry glow,
But the babes are asleep in the town far below,
They are sleeping and dreaming each one in his bed,
While the angels acclaim a Boy King overhead,
So Lulla, my love, O’lulla my love,
The King of the world’s coming down from above.

All the Boo-books are silent in willow tree glade,
And the night heron listens in star spangled shade,
While the moon like a sentry stands guard on the hill
But below in the town all the babes slumber still.
So lulla, my love, O’lulla my love,
The King of the world’s coming down from above.

There are lights in the heavens in praise of a King,
There is music triumphant, and voices that sing,
Till at last in the town far below them it seems
That the babes murmur softly and smile in their dreams,
Lulla, my love,
The King of the world’s coming down from above.


O who will come with me today
Across the hills and far away,
To find beyond the burning dawn
The little town where Christ was born?
This is no road for stumbling feet
To follow through the dust and heat,
But only those whose faith holds fast
Will find that little town – at last.
O who will come with me today
To find that little town where Christ was born?

We’ll brave the mulga plains by day,
Where streams have withered all away,
But when the summer night comes down,
In dreams we’ll see that royal town.
Come! Let us dare those grim domains
Where Drought the Red Marauder reigns,
Until we find beyond the dawn
The little town where Christ was born.


The trees are whispering a secret
From twilight to dawn –
The Lord who planted the bushland,
Tomorrow is born:
Sing Gloria! Sing Gloria! Sing Gloria in Excelsis,
Sing Gloria! Sing Gloria! Gloria, Gloria in Excelsis.

The creek that flows through the gully,
Chants under the spray –
The Lord of sea and the river,
Will come with the day:
Sing Gloria! Sing Gloria! Sing Gloria in Excelsis,
Sing Gloria! Sing Gloria! Gloria, Gloria in Excelsis.

The sheep at browse in the ranges,
Are murmuring afar,
Our shepherd from Heavenly pastures
Will come with a star:
Sing Gloria! Sing Gloria! Sing Gloria in Excelsis,
Sing Gloria! Sing Gloria! Gloria, Gloria in Excelsis.


Now once again it’s Noel time,
And ev’ry steeple rings;
The sun is like the great gold star
That led the Eastern Kings;
O come with me where hills are brown,
And Christmas Bush grows wild,
So we can make a Christmas crown
To grace a Kingly Child.

O let us seek in Noel time,
Through sunshine and through shade,
Until we find the Christmas Bush
His Kingly hands have made;
The fires are burning on the hill,
The smoke is coming down,
But Christmas Bush is blooming still
To make a Kingly Crown.


Christmas Day, where-e’er you be,
Light your candles on the Tree
Set it up for all to see
To the Lord of Light above
Like the birds in happy flight
Children dance in golden light
Deck the tree for their delight
On this day of Heavenly love
When the summer night is here
Like a lantern burning clear
Every window far and near
Shining forth its tree of love
Glory to the Heavenly name
Glory to the star that came
Over Bethlehem like a flame
Glory to the light above
Christmas Day, where-e’er you be
Light your candles on the Tree.


When the Christmas Bells are pealing
On this night of Heavenly love
And the summer moon is shining
Like a chalice far above
Let us seek with footsteps lowly
God’s own mother, Sweet and holy.

Up the hill that lies to westward
Down through gullies green with fern
Where a wattle tree is blooming
Where the creeks with starlight burn
We will find a bower shady
God’s own mother, Heaven’s Lady.

All the birds of all the bushland
Sing their carols sweet and clear
Sheep and oxen gather round her
Every beast from far and near
Come and kneel in bower shady
At the shrine of Heaven’s lady.

Queen of paradise and glory
Mother of the King above
Grant that we this Christmas midnight
May be worthy of His love
God’s own mother sweet and lowly
Guide our steps in ways most holy.


In the sky above the town
Golden sun gleams brightly down
Gilding every leafy spray
On this joyous Christmas Day
Every tree that we behold
Seems a tower of shining gold
All the land is burning bright
For the King of Heavenly light
Lift your voices, let them ring
Christ is King! this golden day.

On the ranges far away
Not one cloud is seen today
And the road through paddocks brown
Surely leads to Bethlehem town
Let us all as best we may
Journey there this Christmas Day
Through the land that’s burning bright
For the King of Heavenly light
Lift your voices, let them ring
Christ is King! this golden day.


As you sit by your wide open window
On that most blessed night of the year
And you look at your slumbering oxen
In the paddock the wind has burned sere
And you think of that old Christmas story
Of the beast and the Heavenly glory
You’ll remember it tells how at midnight
When the bells are beginning to ring
All the oxen kneel down in their paddocks
As they worship the Heavenly King
All the oxen so patient and lowing
Bowing down to the infant most Holy
While you gaze through the bright summer moonlight
All the pasture will glimmer like gold
And you’ll wait by the wide open window
Just to see if such wonders unfold
Just to see if the oxen are kneeling
When the Christmas bells all begin pealing.


Sun gleams bright, Hearts are light
Merry, merry Christmas
Bells ring out, children shout
Merry, merry, merry Christmas
Sheep in fold, Shine like gold
As the day is dawning
Riding by Stockmen cry
“Welcome Christmas morning.”

Golden Day, when we say
Merry, merry Christmas
In the street, where we meet
Merry, merry, merry Christmas.
And with pride, Fair and wide
All our homes adorning
Earth and sky, sound the cry
“Welcome Christmas morning.”

So with joy, man and boy
Sing with us together
On this morn, Christ was born
Merry, merry, merry Christmas
Raise the song, Loud and strong
In the shining weather
Joy bells ring, Christ is King
Merry, merry, merry Christmas.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Weekend in the Garden

The Spring flush of flowers has passed but there's still quite a bit of colour in the garden. We've had at least our November average rainfall, so hopefully the colour will continue for a while yet.
Carpet rose

Under the cherry tree.

Smoke bush flowers

Japanese Maple

Calendula, alyssum, and ivy geraniums

Front garden

White iceberg roses

Blue tongued lizard finding warmth in the compost heap.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Open Gardens at Burra, NSW

A tree too interesting to bypass. Goodness knows its age, but it had evidently been struck by lightning and dead for many years.

Five gardens were open to the public over a weekend earlier this month.

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Long closed, the Burra Primary School....

..... and outhouse.

Beautiful irises. Too many to take in - and too many on sale to resist!