Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" .....

.... the bells were tolling at lunchtime today at the National Carillion as George Howe, Canberra's longest-serving Carillionist, played his last recital. George (now in his mid 80s) has given more than 1200 recitals over 32 years, averaging about 40 per year. Today's hour-long recital, which included Christmas carols and other popular music, seemed like a good incentive to pack a picnic lunch to eat in the shade of the trees beside the lake. We enjoyed the music, the fresh air, the cool breeze off the lake and the scenery. I hope you will too.
Kings Avenue Bridge

The National Carillion - which was a gift from the British Government - on Aspen Island. It's a very popular site for weddings, and today was no exception.

Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and Black Mountain Tower in the distance.

Looking towards Commonwealth Park

The National Library

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

43 Years Ago...

A lot can happen in 43 years:
6 different homes in
2 different States.
Several overseas trips
and many within Australia.
Lots of people met and
Friends made.
Best of all is the treasured family
that has resulted.
Blessed with four wonderful children of whom we are so very proud,
their partners whom we love dearly,
and six gorgeous grandchildren
who are the delight of our lives.

What more could we ask for
except good health and
many more very happy years together.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The rest of my walk ....

Bearded Irises

Smoke Bush (Cotinus - Grace)

Cistus (Rock Rose)

The second of our new Rhododendrons.

Sweet Peas

Self-sown (but transplanted) Calendula

Eremophila Nivea, which has been flowering for weeks

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... yes, they are delicious! (Not as sweet as yours, Frankie.)

Violas and Jasmine

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Turn...

Richard had his photographic stroll around the garden the other day, so yesterday it was my turn. It's almost a case of colour-overload at the moment. There is colour everywhere.
I have begun calling it the 'Charles Darwin Garden', ie. the Survival of the Fittest. You look at a plant one day and cannot find it the next because it has been swamped by something else. Such has been the result of the best season in years with regular good falls of rain.
Centranthus/Valerian, Silver Cineraria

African Daisy, Curry Plant, Purple Native Hibiscus (Algoyne), Yellow Daisy.


Mauve Lavatera, Yellow Daisy.

Yellow Daisy, Convolvulus

Convolvulus, Roses, Silver Pyrethrum

The cherries are a-coming. Should be a great crop if the weather and the birds are kind.

Centranthus, Gazanias

Centranthus, Gazanias, Wormwood

Silver Pyrethrum, Purple Hop Bush (Dodona)


Wormwood, Gazanias

Centranthus, Californian Poppies, Yellow African Daisies.

Californian Poppies, Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel, Nigella

Lime green Euphorbia, Centranthus, Miscanthus Sinensus (grass)

Yes, I realise that many of the same flowers appear in several photos, although from different areas of the garden. I think I got a bit light-headed with all the colour and just kept clicking away. Perhaps I should post the next lot as black and white?