Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heading South

We're heading south for a couple of weeks or so. Firstly to Melbourne to see family and friends, and the final performance of 'Fledermaus' at the State Theatre on Saturday afternoon. It's had fantastic reviews so we're really looking forward to an afternoon of great music and laughter, plus meeting up with more friends there.
After the weekend we'll spend a few days gradually wending our way across to Adelaide where we'll stay for 9 days, primarily to watch the National Hockey League finals, but also to see the sights of this beautiful city and surrounds. Russell will join us for the first weekend in Adelaide during his one-week flying visit from Belgium.
ACT Strikers warming up for a match (photo taken in Melbourne last year.)
After the hockey finishes we'll drive back home through South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, staying overnight with friends on the way.
Should be a great trip with lots of photo opportunities.
Take care, one and all.

Friday, May 14, 2010

"This is the life!"

About 18 months ago Richard constructed this wood-burning BBQ. Naturally we don't use it during the summer months, not only due to the possibility of fire danger, but there is so much heat given off by the fire that it would be very uncomfortable during the hot weather.

However, now that winter is almost here and the evenings are getting very chilly, the warmth of the fire is very welcome, as well as doing a great job of cooking the meat for dinner.

Sitting by the fire, nursing a bottle of beer, is becoming Richard's favourite time of day, and always elicits the comment, "THIS is the life!!!"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Winter Sunset

A pretty sunset is always a good excuse to go for a walk, camera in hand. One needs to walk in the right direction though. Last night I went east and didn't take the camera, and when I turned around the sunset was magnificent. Tonight's wasn't so good but I thought it might still be worth a shot or two, and I enjoyed the walk as well.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Through the kitchen window

Autumn leaves often seem to create their own light but at other times the sunshine highlights their beautiful colours even more.
The first two photos were taken through the kitchen window yesterday morning.

These were taken around the garden yesterday and today. We are entering the frosty season and this will enhance the autumn colours, although some trees are almost bare yet others have scarcely begun to change colour.

Japanese Maples

Sycamore Maple

Another Japanese Maple

Smoke Bush. These branches grow about two metres each summer and will be pruned right back when all the leaves have fallen. They always look so stunning against a blue sky.

Claret Ash still has quite a bit of colouring to do yet.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Cairns Botantic Gardens

I know that Cairns, in far north Queensland, is a very popular tourist spot for overseas visitors of all ages. If ever you are lucky enough to visit this lovely city, a walk around the magnificent Botanic Gardens will be an added delight. Although these gardens are not very large, the collection of plants could keep you enthralled for hours.
Many tropical plants are unfamiliar to me, so rather than mis-name them, I have chosen to leave most of them un-named.

I hope you enjoyed your trip around half of the gardens......I'll post more photos in a day or two.