Sunday, September 25, 2011

SPRING .....

..... there's no season quite like it for stirring one into action, particularly in the garden as everything - trees, shrubs, bulbs, flowers, vegetables, AND weeds - burst forth and grow like there's no tomorrow. Whilst trying to keep pace with it all, one also needs to take a few moments to appreciate all that nature is once more enchanting us with.
Step out the front door to not only the magnificent cherry tree blossoms but the joyful sound of the thousands of bees enjoying them too.

Tulips, daffodils and ajuga.

Californian poppy escapees are too pretty to destroy before flowering.

Primulas and calendulas.
? (I forget)
Single pink daisy - hardy and pretty.

Cotinus (Smoke Bush) Forest Pansy
The ever-present Osteospermum (African Daisies)
More blossom - in case you forgot what it looked like .... lol.

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