Sunday, October 30, 2005

Around and About

Two photos of the open parkland between our suburb and the next. The white fence on the right is our vegetable garden fence. Posted by Picasa

Parkland on the other side of the street leads up to a Reserve which is a great favourite with walkers. Great views of Canberra and suburbs can be seen from the top of the hill (see Posting of July 7th). Posted by Picasa

Broad Beans flowering. Pretty flowers but they still only produce green beans. Posted by Picasa

The 'elusive one'. I'm sure he's checking to see if I'VE thinned out HIS vegetables correctly! Posted by Picasa

Self-sown Larkspurs. Posted by Picasa

Phormium (NZ Flax) Posted by Picasa

Aquilegia (Columbines/Granny's Bonnets) Posted by Picasa

Pink Gazanias, Yellow and Burgundy Arctotis, Purple 'Winter Joy' Wallflower and one red Sweet William. Posted by Picasa

Lavender and bees. Posted by Picasa

More Arctotis. Posted by Picasa

Violas (Little Johnny Jump-ups) under the Birch tree planted by ShellyC's parents-in-law on their first visit to Australia from Switzerland. Posted by Picasa

Cytisus (Broom), Grevillea and Claret Ash (but not Claret until the autumn). Posted by Picasa

Now if only these 'Blue Poles' supporting the Sweet Peas were as valuable as the Jackson Pollock painting (now valued around A$54m). Posted by Picasa

White Banksia Rose. Posted by Picasa

Blogging Gremlins

Is anyone else having problems with their comments not registering? I always 'Preview' my comments now, in case I've mis-typed the 'Word Verification' (let's face it, I often have trouble reading it, let alone typing it!) and even though I'm sure I've pressed 'Publish this Comment', sometimes it doesn't appear on the relative blog.

Another hiccup that's really starting to bug me is when I access a blog and the first posting that appears may be several weeks/months old. This happens everytime I go into 3 blogs that I can think of. I either have to go into 'Archives' and call up Current Posts or in one case I have to go to the bottom of the page and press 'HOME' to bring up the lastest postings.

Perhaps it's all a not-so-subtle hint from a higher power that I should do some work instead of blogging.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Closer View.

This morning I thought I'd try some close-ups. As you can see, the results are variable. Lots more practice and understanding of the instruction book needed.

Malus (Crab Apple) blossom with friend. Posted by Picasa

Abutilons (Chinese Lantern) Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Irises. Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Ranunculus and butterfly. Posted by Picasa

What would we do without Centranthus/Valerian? Richard would say, "Quite a lot!" Posted by Picasa

White Osteospermum, orange Arctotis, with a once variegated Abelia in the background. Posted by Picasa

This beautiful Acer Palmatum 'Seiryu' should be about 4 times its current size but it's been suffering from 'dieback' for years and we've had to keep cutting off branches in an effort to get below the disease. It's now only 1 metre high and wide and the branches are coming out of the trunk almost at ground level. We are not very hopeful of saving it. Posted by Picasa

Tanya, it's still alive and flowering although few buds this year. Probably needs a jolly good feed after all these years. Posted by Picasa

It's a shame that I can't arrange flowers. My florist daughter, ShellyC, would never make an arrangement like this and then have to put it on the floor to photograph it. Posted by Picasa