Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Richard and Tanya

I hope you both have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY,
even though you're 1800klm apart.

Sorry, Tanya, I just had to post this 'typically you' photo!


shellyC said...

oh yes!! Love the top photo - i am still laughing!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely sister and wonderful dad!!!

LOts of Love
Michelle (shelly) and family

Kerri said...

Happy happy birthday to Richard and Tanya!
I too love that top photo :)
Richard has aged very gracefully. We should all be so lucky.
Oh that girl! Tch tch
Does she take after you Alice, or Richard? ;)

Pear tree cottage! said...

Alice your days are filled with such beautiful photos, and these and others I see on your posts remind me why we are all here on enjoy all the days of our lives with smiles on our faces. (wonderful!)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, a good choice of photos this year :)

Where did you unearth that top one from? Would love to see more.

Have had a great day. Hope dad did too.

Lots of love,


Sunrise Joker. said...

Wouldn't we ALL love to see more!!!

While Richards hair is a little shorter, the only noticable difference with Tanya is that her middle finger is much longer.

Happy Birthday, Richard and Tanya.

Love Colin.

HORIZON said...

lol Alice- Tanya's going to kill you!
Happy birthday to them both. Smashing pics and hope you've all been keeping well. Thanks for the emails- keeps me going even when l don't quite get to blog.
hugs and bests