Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Escape, or Escapade, if you like!

A friend and I have just spent a wonderful weekend in Sydney, where we attended two thoroughly professional and highly entertaining 'Christmas at The House' concerts, and also sat for two and a half hours on a hard ashphalt path to see this
These were the views from our 18th floor window.

With very overcast skies and skiffs of rain, one can always dream of ocean cruises....

There are some iconic landmarks on the Sydney landscape that simply must be photographed regardless of the weather, ie.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge with one of the many harbour ferries.

The Sydney Opera House

and a little of all three!

Sydney cityscape

The stage of the Opera House Concert Hall prior to the concert.

But not every day is overcast and raining in Sydney. Sunday was beautiful - and so were these two views.

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Kerri said...

Oh, this is great...your weekend in pictures! At least some of it anyway. Sydney is looking very lovely and your photos are making me nostalgic.
Isn't it amazing the difference in color between the cloudy and sunny days? The blues in those last 2 pics are so beautiful.
It sounds like a wonderful weekend, Alice. I'm glad you had such a good time.

Jenny said...

Sydney does sparkle when the sun shines. So glad you enjoyed your stay in our beautiful Harbour City.

Jellyhead said...

Ooooh, a weekend away! I'm jealous!

Your photos are so lovely - makes me want to visit Sydney again soon.

a good yarn said...

What lovely photos of Sydney! I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend. The Bridge and Opera House are iconic and you have captured them beautifully.

Merry Christmas,

Isabelle said...

Again, what lovely pictures. One day, maybe, I will get to Australia - though before I started blogging it never occurred to me that it might be possible.

Happy Anniversary. You haven't changed a bit. (Well, not in the essentials.)

Pear tree cottage! said...

Alice the more I see of you and your blog the more I too want some of what you are on!! lol lol lol you have so much energy and enjoy your life so much..........its wonderful. Sydney looked great!

Happy boxing day to you and I hope this coming year we will be able to have a meal together again.

blessings to you Lee-ann

Noella said...

Yes, great pictures, Alice, but it was clicking on "this" that really took me places...


I know you had a blissful time!