Monday, February 15, 2010

WHAT IS IT ........

that's making the driveway so shiny? Blessed, lifegiving, wonderful RAIN.

Over the weekend we had 36 hours of non-stop rain - well over 100mm (4 inches). Gentle, steady, soaking rain - the plants are singing, I'm sure. Our first good rain since Christmas.

Overflowing tanks

It's such a long time since I last posted that I'm sure you've given up looking. So what have I been doing? Not a lot really - staying inside when it's been hot because the house stays cool - and watching the tennis, of course.

I've sewn and knitted a few things for Evelynne, whom we will see for a few days next week before she and her mother return to Belgium, where I'm sure Russell has missed them both very much for the past five weeks.

In mid-January we spent 3 days at Beechworth in north east Victoria. The main purpose for the visit was for 'Opera in the Alps' in the grounds of La Trobe University Campus.

Some of the 5000 audience who enjoyed the balmy evening and the beautiful music.

We were lucky enough to attend the rehearsal on the Friday night ...

plus the actual performance on the Saturday night. I'm sorry I don't have any decent photos - the light not being conducive to good shots.

We also visited the very picturesque town of Bright, and caught up with some relatives who were enjoying their holiday there.

Talk about 'gadding about' .... at the end of January I flew to Sydney for a free 'Opera in the Domain (part of the Sydney Botanic Gardens)'. The opera was Leonard Bernstein's 'Candide' ......Based on Voltaire's satirical novel of 1759, 'Candide' is a hilarious, harsh and hedonistic adventure....... Blindly following the advice of his tutor Pangloss (Paul McDermott), the relentlessly optimistic Candide (David Hobson) careers through a series of wild experiences and astonishing coincidences to return home to his beloved Cunegonde (Emma Matthews) enlightened by a new, more realistic philosophy of life.

Some of the crowd of 30,000 who enjoyed a very amusing performance, on another lovely evening for sitting outdoors listening to beautiful music.

David Hobson (Candide) and Emma Matthews (Cunegonde)

Paul McDermott, well-known TV presenter, writer, painter, dancer, singer, in centre of photo. This was Paul's first foray into opera and I was very impressed, although his role didn't actually require an operatic voice.

(Last two photos are from Opera Australia).
But we can never stay home too long and on Wednesday we'll head off to Brisbane to help Michelle celebrate her ??th Birthday on Saturday (?? - let's just say she was born somewhere between the Mexico and the Munich
We'll be away for just over a week, and with the recent rain we expect to come home to a jungle. What fun!!!


Calidore said...

Sounds like you have been very busy enjoying life. Love the clothes you made - the dress is stunning. Lucky you to get rain. Not a drop here unfortuately.

Bernie said...

So glad you have posted, I thought of you as I watched the tennis and I listened to the announcers on the Net and Alice they were wonderful. Not only their knowledge of the game but their humor was infectious. I found myself LOL many times. So enjoyed the accents as well.
Loved your sewing, the little tops and bottoms are gorgeous and the dress....beautiful.
So glad you are back.....:-) Hugs

Kerri said...

Lovely to see you posting, Alice Dear.
That much wonderful rain is certainly a cause for celebration! I hope you did a little dance for joy (perhaps a couch which you just tap your feet) ;)
The tiny dress is perfectly adorable and so are all the other sweet little outfits. What a clever grandma you are, and what a lucky little girl the wee redhead is :)
You really have been gadding about, haven't you?
It all sounds like lovely fun, especially seeing "The Boy" doing what he does best...opera!
Enjoy your week in Brisbane and try to stay out of trouble will you Dear?

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yay, she's back! It's about time you had rain down your way, isn't it? I bet the garden looks lovely now.

You have been busy sewing and knitting, what beautiful little outfits.

I cannot for the life of me imagine Paul McDermott in an opera. I would have like to have seen that. I love David Hobson, too.

So you're coming up to Brisbane...let me tell you it's hot, sticky and at the moment, wet. The other night at 2.30 am it was 26 C with 82% humidity...I hope you'll have aircon where you're staying.

Good to see you back again, Alice.

diane said...

Glad to see you here again. I love the clothes that you have made for the little one. It must be fun to have them here for a while. As Puss says bring your brollie and cool clothes.

racheld said...

I don't know HOW I missed this yesterday---I just caught sight of the title WAY down in the middle of my list just now.

I'm so glad you're back, and are going, and had rain, and got to be at those fantastic performances. There's something about a Summer theatre/opera/symphony concert outdoors. Just looking at yours brought back memories of several of the ones we've attended since we've been here.

The sway and waft of the long silken draperies from the roof of the stage, the Summer breeze in our faces, the luscious sounds of the orchestra drifting across the crowd at sunset, the lovely picnic on the quilt at Symphony on the Prairie, which is such a local institution. And once, unexpected fireworks and an encore of the 1812, as the bright colors filled the sky.

Your sewing and knitting skills are quite remarkable, and your little one will remember those darling outfits.

Bon Voyage to Brisbane, and a wonderful visit whilst you're there!! And more garden photos when you return, please?

Ozjane said...

Lovely lovely rain....we had some but need more now...lovely sewing, you clever lady and I am just astounded that you should go to both the rehearsal and the show.

Oh dear.....sarcasm is the lowest form...etc......but I am not really being sarcastic....just a gentle tease because I could not resist it.

Laura in Paris said...

Rain? Oh, my friend, we have lots of rain ehre in Paris! I am sure a lot of Parisians long for a little sunshine!


What lovely scenery! I am so tired of snow!

Meggie said...

What lovely little outfits you have sewn & knitted. Enjoy your travels, & dont forget the camera!