Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look what happens when it rains,...

... the garden comes alive again!
Pink Tecoma creeper.

Self-sown Silver Birch seedlings growing in the pathway. Their roots are well-protected below the bricks and they never wilted throughout the summer. There's about 40 of them in a few metres of pathway. It will be fun trying to extract them when they become dormant.

Cotinus Smoke Bush reaching for the sky. These shrubs grow around two metres in a season - all of which will be pruned off in the early winter.

Mixed Guara and Parsley

Not sure why our Crepe Myrtle is still only in bud whilst they have been flowering in other places for at least two months.


racheld said...

Oh, Alice, How I LOVE your Garden!!

I could just stroll there for hours, or sit in the shade and drink it all in. If I lived near you, I'd ask if I could come and prepare teaparties, and you could invite your friends and neighbors every day, or even have a charity event. I just LOVE making dainty things for tea.

And PLEASE tell me that that's a watermelon crepe myrtle---the most beautiful Southern flower on Earth.

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

What a lovely tour...great to see so mant pretty flowers.
That one combine of Mixed Guara and Parsley looks great...well everything does !

Frankie said...

Lovely bloomin' garden, isn't it? but your summer is coming to an end... hee hee hee! Our turn in the northern hemisphere now!
I copied the LinkWithin widget from your blog onto mine. It's a great idea to have old posts showing up as well.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Your garden is spectacular. Isn't it wonderful what rain does? Ours has turned into a rain forest, it's so lush and green. The only down turn is the lawn has to be mown every week and it's about an acre or so in size. Thank goodness for ride on mowers!

Kerri said...

Ah, there's your lovely garden at last! It's looking lush and colourful after a good soak. What a spirit lifter for both you and me :) Thank you for sharing all that wonderful colour! I need a colour fix!
I don't remember seeing that Pink Tecoma creeper before. How beautiful it is!
I wish I could remember the name of that gorgeous grass;)
I see you have physostegia virginiana (obedient plant/false dragonhead). I didn't remember that either. It seems my memory is failing me.
I do remember the lovely gaura. You inspired me to plant some myself for the first time last summer and I loved its dainty upsidedown butterfly blooms.
That's odd about the crepe Myrtle. I hope it blooms soon.
What's the pretty blue flower next to your lovely clump of centranthus?
I especially love the 5th photo with the bright yellow bush in the foreground.
Love the sedum too.
I've really enjoyed strolling through your garden today, Alice.
A cup of tea would really hit the spot now dear :)

Disquina said...

Hi Alice,
My crepe myrtle here in Queanbeyan was the same until last week when it just exploded with flowers. For a couple of months I was getting worried about it, jealous of all the others around town, but now mine is gorgeous and the others are coming to an end!

diane said...

The rain does do wonders in the garden. The colour in your garden is lovely.(Snap! I titled one of my posts the same)

Laura in Paris said...

What a beautiful garden! You need rain, but you also need warm weather .. plus a lot of care and patience!

LC said...

Just discovered your posting... lovely! LC

Titania said...

Alice, your garden looks wonderful. I love the exuberance of the plantings and the colours. I always think after the rain the garden looks at its best as all the plants recover quickly from the dry and heat stress.
The "free" Seedlings are a bonus!
Happy gardening, Alice and enjoy the weekend. Thanks for stopping by. T.

July Salley said...

Sweet! Great post. You have just got one more follower to your blog Alice!

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Green Iris said...

Your garden is so beautiful! I'm curious, in the picture beneath the crepe myrtle is what I call 'obedience plant.' The proper name is physostigia, I believe. Is that what it's called where you live? I have a few in my back yard that come back each year. They are so unusual.