Sunday, August 29, 2010

Winter in Retrospect

As tomorrow is the last day of Winter in Australia, I have selected a few photos at random taken during the season whilst on trips to various parts of the country.

Some of you may be wondering "if it's Winter time, where is the snow?" Actually, the snowfields are having their best season for many years, with many resorts currently having between one and two metres of snow.

However, the snowfields were not on our agenda this year - or any year, for that matter - so this is Winter in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

These first four photos were all taken at Lakes Entrance, a popular holiday resort on the Ninety Mile Beach in Eastern Victoria.

Reflections on the Tambo River at Nicholson, East Gippsland, Vic.

Farmland at Childers in the Strzelecki Ranges of Victoria. (The farm in the foreground is where I lived until the age of 2 and a half, and the story of our visit there a few weeks ago will be posted to the blog shortly.)

Moruya River, south coast of NSW.

Seagulls circling a fish'n'chip shop at Narooma, south coast of NSW.

A seal sunning itself on the rocks at Dalmeny, south coast of NSW.

The surf beach at Moruya, south coast of NSW.

Frost on the lawns at home in Canberra.

Swimmers enjoying The Strand, Townsville, north Queensland.

A Billabong (waterhole) at Bordertown, South Australia.

Fishing on a sunny winter's afternoon just south of Adelaide, South Australia.

I had more photos to post but I've used all of my 1GB of free photo storage from Google. I meant to purchase more last year but didn't get around to it. Luckily I didn't because it is now 1/8th of the cost that it was before Nov. '09.

I bought more last night but apparently it takes 24 hours or so to come hopefully I can post some more photos SOON!


Ozjane said...

Lovely photos........nice to see you are alive. Did you get the UTube the other day......did you enjoy the voice?
Photos almost make me homesick for Lakes but that high rise building is new since I was last there in '03.
Got to take some down the side photos today.......not in blog yet.
The rain has been glorious.

Ozjane said...

How come you have to pay for more space......that has never happened to me and I must put in as many or more than you do.??

Kerri said...

I can't believe our summer is almost over already. It flew by in the blink of an eye! I'm happy for you that your spring has arrived, but so sad to think of our warm months being almost over. If only we could have short winters and long summers, but I guess we'd have to move back to Oz to have that.
Those are beautiful scenes of Lakes Entrance. What a pretty place!
Love the farm scene with the peaceful, and can't wait to read more about it.
The seal looks like it's really enjoying that Aussie sunshine :)
Paddling my feet in those frothy waves washing the beach at Moruya might be a little nippy but I sure would love to be doing that. It would've felt delightful in our 95º/35ºC heat today. I'm not complaining though. I'll take all the warmth we can get!
Your frosty lawn is very pretty and looking a healthy green under its white blanket.
Happy springtime dear friend!