Thursday, December 16, 2010

43 Years Ago...

A lot can happen in 43 years:
6 different homes in
2 different States.
Several overseas trips
and many within Australia.
Lots of people met and
Friends made.
Best of all is the treasured family
that has resulted.
Blessed with four wonderful children of whom we are so very proud,
their partners whom we love dearly,
and six gorgeous grandchildren
who are the delight of our lives.

What more could we ask for
except good health and
many more very happy years together.


Calidore said...

Happy Anniversary to you both and Merry Christmas as well. I hope the New Year is full of fun, travel and family.

Anonymous said...

Happy day. I remembered at lunch today and mentioned it to Geoff. Love to you both.

Tanya, Geoff and Arlo

racheld said...

Congratulations to you ALL!!! It's lovely to see you back, and with such wonderful news---a milestone and a sweet story, all at once.

Hope you're having a wonderful Spring, and I think of that glorious garden often, in the grey damp freezy outlook onto my own.

Happy Holidays, and MANY HAPPY RETURNS!!

diane said...

happy anniversary and congratulations on 43 years. You can be proud of that lovely family. The babies are so cute.

Ozjane said...

What a shy innocent young teacher he was.........vbg.
Congratulations.....all the best for many more years.

Michelle said...

Love and Congratulations!
From M & M and three of your precious G'kids!

Kerri said...

Oh dear, oh dear...I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! I wasn't paying attention at all, was I?
Happy, happy 43rd anniversary dear Frances and Richard. I hope it was a wonderful day for you both.
You certainly have a beautiful family...and lucky you....2 very cute new little additions to the family since that lovely first photo was taken.
You have much to be delighted about!
We wish you many more happy years enjoying your glorious garden, family, travel and the simple beauties of life.
Much love,

In transit said...

A belated 'happy anniversary wish' from us too. I can hardly believe that family photo was taken over almost a year to the day - and yet there are still 2 to now add to it!!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog Alice. Nice one - and congrats. I too live in the ACT but wish I had a garden like yours. I suppose I could if I didn't read so much ... but you have inspired me...

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Congratulations Frances & Richard... you have much to celebrate... 43 happy years together and a wonderful family. May the years ahead continue to be enriched with good health and great happiness for you all. Marion

diane b said...

Congratulations...belated. Sorry to have missed your last two posts. You have a lovely family, and a right to be so proud. Well done !