Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back to the Farm

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I seem to have taken a 'photo break' at the moment so I thought I would show you where I spent 22 years of my life, right up until the day I got married (see yesterday's post). I was only two years old when I moved with my parents and two older brothers to this 100 acre dairy farm in Gippsland, Victoria, so in my heart it is still 'home' even though it is no longer owned by any of the family.

The area shown in the photo was once an overgrown orchard but after Dad removed some of the old trees, mowed the grass and planted a range of ornamental trees and shrubs, it became a delightful extension to the house garden, and was usually referred to as 'the Park'. This photo was taken soon after it was remodelled; by the time I left home all the new trees were several metres tall and nearly as wide in some cases.


DellaB said...

That's a very evocative picture Alice, I can just feel what it would be like to sit quietly in The Park.

Anonymous said...

You must have many happy memories when you look at that photo Alice!

Wendy A said...

It has a farm feel about it. Love the space and orchard. Growing up in a city, I longed to have a place like that. I bet you even had bunnies

jellyhead said...

Ah, I can feel the peace just looking at that farm (do I sound like a hippie here?!). You must have loved growing up there.

Oh, and thanks Alice for saying (in comments on my blog) such a lovely thing about my writing :)

Kerri said...

Yes, happy memories indeed. It really is a serene setting Alice, with the soft green of the house blending in well. It was a lovely place to begin your lifelong love of gardening :)

roybe said...

What a beautiful place to grow up Alice, no wonder you have such an affinity with the garden and the clouds