Saturday, December 16, 2006

Cool pool.

The trip to Junee and Young last weekend wasn't all hot, dry and depressing. Okay, there were no cherries left to pick but we did buy some delicious ones, and the model trains at the Roundhouse Museum weren't working but the rest of the exhibition was interesting.

One of the highlights of the weekend was our accommodation in Young. The motel advertised it as being a cottage sleeping 2-8 people. It was in fact a whole house, well-equipped and old enough to be interesting. The motel also had a much-appreciated pool, which was enjoyed by us all in the hot weather.

The grandchildren and their mother. The grandparents are all a bit camera-shy (especially this one).

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Kerri said...

Oh that looks like such fun! I haven't been swimming in ages! Don't you dare go without me next time!
The cottage sounds lovely. I'll bet it was a great adventure being away all together like that.
I would be camera shy too, especially in a bathing suit! LOL