Sunday, July 01, 2007

No More Doctors ......

The old saying goes "An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away", so at this rate we shouldn't have to see a doctor for many days. Richard picked the last of the Granny Smith apples off our one tree this week as the birds were finding their way under the nets and pecking at the fruit.
I haven't weighed the apples but by the time I've finished peeling and slicing what is here I'll be wishing the birds had eaten a lot more!
Granny Smiths are usually regarded as a cooking apple but these are so crisp, juicy and sweet that we've been eating them raw for weeks now. They don't need any added sugar when cooked either. Looks like I'll have to go to a charity shop tomorrow and buy some more jars. So, guess what I'll be doing this week - or forever.
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Barbara said...

By accident I found your nice blog and read your comment on Granny Smith. We also know this apple here in Switzerland (imported from South Africa or other countries), but here it is never considered as a cooking apple. They sell it in the shops as delicious apple for raw eating. It is interesting to read how you live down under, so I'll come back again. Hope you don't mind. Greetings from a rainy Switzerland (+21°C temperature!).

jellyhead said...

YUM, I looooove Granny Smiths - for eating as well as for cooking.

I'm glad you've been able to eat yours, too, otherwise imagine how much *more* cooking you'd be doing!

What a shame all those apples didn't end up keeping the doctor away after all... well at least not away from your blog ;-)

Kerri said...

Oh, I sure would like to live next door right now. I'd help you with those apples. Peeling and slicing is a much nicer job when you have someone to share it :) And maybe you'd even share a couple of those beautiful Grannies with Ross and I (you being of sweet and generous nature)!
I can't believe you don't need to add sugar when you make them into applesauce (as we call stewed apples over here). Grannies usually make us pucker up when we bite into them. They make great apple pies! Do you think a pie would ship well? :)
Have fun, and know I'm thinking of you as you slave away. xoxo

Alice said...

Jelly - you're one doctor who would always be welcome here, not just on the blog.

Kerri - quick, look - I've just lobbed a few apples across the ocean to you and Ross. You got them? Good!

These are so sweet this year that they definitely don't need sugar when stewed, and that's from someone who is not at all partial to tart fruit.

I think you'll have to make you own pie. I've seen photos of your pastry and it looks a thousand times better than mine.

susan said...

Hi Alice! Your apples look delicious! I wonder how they got their name? I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather. Don't work too hard on those apples.

Kerri said...

I wonder how long it'll take lobbed apples to arrive...hmmmm. I'll keep my eyes open and my head down :)
What, no pie? Pie crust is not one of my fortes I'm afraid. I don't practice much.
But I do love apple pie! Apple anything for that matter.
Are you still slugging along, peeling and slicing? I'm sure that sweet husband of yours is helping, right????
If you need a break you could have a peek at some of my flowers. I finally got around to posting! More farm shots later....I know how you like long shots.

meggie said...

Oh Apple pies! Can you not freeze some rather than bottle them?
My clever niece taught me to use those snap-lock bags as freezer bags, for all sorts of things, from Stew for my mother to fruit for later.
I never thought that they would be so sweet, you wouldnt need sugar!

Mimi said...

I just went to an apple orchard today in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, USA but the apples are a couple months from being ready. Funny living on the other side of the planet.


Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Wonderful Granny Smith apples! I wonder who Granny Smith really was? You can lob a few over toward Wales if you like Frances. I’ve just discovered a wonderful apple and ginger jam recipe. I made up a few jars a week or so ago, lovely! I can’t wait for ours to be ready, so I can make more. With love from a very cold and wet Wales - Marion

Peggy said...

I can just smell a apple pie from your oven all the way over here!! :) Our apples will be coming in this fall and I can't wait to make apple butter.

Anonymous said...

My Harry loves eating raw 'Grannys'... but I find them a litte too tart sometimes.

Mum lives near Stanthorpe, so we get monster apples when we visit here, and brought home some 'whoppers' the other day. I have put them on a glass pedestal stand and Harry worships them like a God! lol
You should see them... they are so big that Christopher hand isn't big enough to fit around one of them!
xox Nic

slap me happy said...

It is an awesome feeling to eat something from your own yard isn't it , we have passion fruits, manies, lemons limes mullberries, pawpaws,peaches, butternut pumpkins, and finaly pears too. And I do litterally nothing for them but cut the grass lol. Bore water helps too lol.
can almost smell the apples