Monday, July 16, 2007

A Touch of Frost ......

....... to cool down our sweltering friends in the Northern Hemisphere.
Only a light frost this morning, but our maximum temps are barely reaching double figures (C), and we may even have snow in Canberra by mid-week.
It's been our first real winter for several years, and I for one, am enjoying it.
Of course, being warm does help!

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jellyhead said...

Hasn't it been a cold winter for Oz?! I'm kinda liking it, too - all my jumpers and coats are actually getting a decent wear this season!

I know I'm in a warmer place than you, but we even had a day where the top temperature was only 12, and have had lows of 5 and 6 overnight lately. Often I'm heading to work and it's 8 degrees....chilly for us!

Have a great day, Alice :)

Val said...

I've noticed that it's taking the house longer to warm up this winter. Oh, btw, do you have a timer on your new heating system so it turns itself on and off? They're about $100, money well spent!

Lee-ann said...

Alice your winter garden looks wonderful I love the way the autumn leaves sit on the ground wet and waiting to become part of the earth again.

I too had a little ice on top of one of our buckets only thing was it was INSIDE THE HOUSE! lol lol lol lol lol.

Gad you are warm this year more then others from the past.

Have a lovely winters day....It is snowing here!


Kerri said...

Goodness, don't show me frost, thank you very much! Our summer seems so brief to me that I can't bear to think of cold, frosts and snow.
I'm glad you're enjoying your winter though, with your nice warm, comfy heating system.
I did enjoy your lovely pictures, in spite of the fact that they remind me of what is to come, all too soon.

Lee-ann said...

O! Alice I was just watching the weather show and did see you will need that great heating tomorrow.

0-5deg with snow.......((smiles)) have fun!!

We had our snow today along with cars spinning of the road out front.


Barbara said...

I'm sending you a "touch of heat"....we had 34° C, a rare temperature here in Switzerland. But our winter is also coming in a few months, though, at the moment I don't like to think of..However, enjoy your winter season...spring is soon coming!! Have a wonderful day!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

I'm with you, Alice .. it is for sure the coldest Winter we've had in years. I know Canberra can get pretty cold, so I'm happy you have got good heating.
Stay warm.
Take care, Meow

meggie said...

Oh that frost reminds me of running to school in NZ on cold winter mornings!
We have only had one frost here so far,but it was a big one. It is to be very cold here today.
Keep warm!

Marlene Depler said...

Anything but frost here. I just came in from watering my flower pots and hanging basket. Maybe I'll have to make a trip down under to cool off a bit! Ha!

Sylvana said...

Thanks! I feel cooler already.

In transit said...

you can keep your frosts.... but would you mind sending a little chill factor this way?? (I never thought i would say that after freezing in belgium...!)

chigiy said...

oooo frost. We usually don't get frost like that even in winter.

Kali said...

Hi Alice!

I'm enjoying the winter months, but am looking forward to Spring as well.
Mark and I have been in the garden quite a bit lately and I think we are up to date with everything (or near enough).
I hope you are having a nice 'rest' from it all and will soon be getting the urge to do a bit more when the weather starts to warm up.
Take care, xo Kali

p.s. Peter Cundall's vegie patch is the first part of the gardens we always stop by first.
He had potatoes in, and there was some silverbeet, rhubarb, lettuce growing. Parsley too.

Gina E. said...

Hello Alice, I've seen your name pop up on some of the other blogs I visit, and tonight I have come over from Val's to visit you. Wow, no wonder your blog is so popular - your photos are stunning! I'll be back to have a longer look soon!

catsmum said...

I don't suppose that the tall dark and handsome opera singer you mentioned on my Blog would have the initials DH by any chance??? :]
Shame he's ruined his voice. His Orphee in the early 90s was absolutely sublime.

Zoey said...

Oh, dear, it will be looking like that way too soon at my house!

I can imagine how happy you are to have put that furnace in! It looks a lot better when you are toasty warm looking at it from the inside.