Monday, December 03, 2007

Contrasts in Clouds

Contrasting clouds in recent weeks, beginning with yesterday's sunrise.


Barbara said...

I just love these beautiful pictures. Thank you for showing them!

Kerri said...

Looking at these big, bold views, beautiful blue skies, the various clouds, the sparkling water, and those wonderful gum trees, I can almost imagine myself soaking up that wonderful Aussie sunshine. Ahhh...I wish. We have blowing snow outside. It's a good day to put on extra layers and stay inside!
Your photos are brilliant Alice. I especially love the sunrise.

meggie said...

Lovely cloudscapes!!
I see you did actually get some rain yesterday.
In fact it rained for Kevin's swearing in ceremony. A good or a bad omen??

Val said...

Wonderful! You HAVE read The Cloudspotter's Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney I take it?!

LindaD said...

Like sky fireworks.. each one better than the last and lots of ooohs and ahhhhs.. Beautiful wide open skies for LOTS of clouds!

Krissie said...

Alice WHAT are you doing being up so early as that to catch that lovely sunrise??

shellyC said...

Yes there have been some amazing clouds in the last week or so. the kids love finding shapes, animals etc in them!!

Catherine said...

Wow!! Alice~those are just beautiful!! A beautiful sunrise, and that second shot of the clouds..they seem to be hovering as close to the ground as they can..just gorgeous!! All of your cloud & beautiful sky captures are stunning! I just kept looking at them over and over again, each one unique and each so magical,& some kinda eerie, but all so captivating!!
Thanks for sharing them!

Frankie said...

...mind the step! be careful where you tread... with your nose and eyes up in the clouds that way! Many thanks for those tremendous photos.

guild-rez said...

Wonderful pictures..
Nature is overflowing with the grandeur of God!
cheers Gisela

Cheyenne said...

Hi Alice

Thank you for this side, you always have so wonderful pics.

Wish you a nice day !

Greetings from Austria send you

No Rain said...

An interesting collection of cloud photos. I love watching clouds from day to day, but most days, there are none to see.