Thursday, December 13, 2007

Heading for the Hills

This Sunday we will celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary, and what better way to do that than 3 days at a lovely Bed and Breakfast cottage in the Blue Mountains.
Someone else to cook breakfast, lots of time to explore gardens and the mountain scenery, and discover some delicious little eateries! I'm sure it will make the last 40 years all worth it...LOL.
Indeed they have been worth everything - especially our four wonderful children and now 3 delightful grandchildren. The six different homes in which we've lived in 2 States, the friends we've made along the way, and the interests and experiences shared, including several overseas trips. The last few years in retirement have created an even greater sense of sharing and fulfilment.
We give thanks for all our many blessings.


shellyC said...


Have a really fabulous.....oh and romantic (they are my parents!) time away in the mountains.

Enjoy all the other meals too, not just breakfast!!

Lots of Love to my amazing parents!!
Shelly and Co

Alice said...

Thank you, darling. I'm sure we'll have a great time - with photos to prove it.

jellyhead said...

Happy (almost) 40th anniversary!!

Now as for the photos 'to prove it'.... are you sure about that?!

Alice said...

Photos will be posted with discretion, Jelly .... what on earth are you thinking, dear?

Moe @ said...

You have so many great photos! And congratulations on 40 years!

Tanya said...

40 years! Wow - that's even older than me.

Just as well, huh?

Hope you have a brilliant time away.

Catch up with you soon.

Love daughter #2

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 40th Alice. Have a great weekend away, look forward to seeing the photo's. I'm sure you will capture some beautiful scenery in the Blue Mountains.
Did you notice that Susan in Stitches managed to see David Hobson at our Cathedral last Saturday. Lucky thing. We spent the weekend in Shepparton with the Darling known as Jorja.
Cheers for now and once again enjoy your break.

meggie said...

Oh congratulations Alice/Frances.
Look forward to the photos. The Blue Mountains are very pretty & quite romantic!

Calidore said...

Congratulations to you both. We hope you have a wonderful anniversary with many more to come.

Hugs - The mob in Swan Hill

Noella said...

Nice photo! Other than your hair style, you look just as youthful in the small photo on your posts.

I imagine Hubby is having a wonderful time with all 3 of you, Alice/Frances/Beco! Congratulations on your 40 years as that is really worth celebrating. Love to you, N.

Michael Manning said...


Sara said...

Many congratulations on your 40th anniversary - that is quite something to be proud of. Have a fabulous time in the Blue Mountains.

LindaD said...

Happy Anniversary.. May you enjoy the expected blessings and a few wonderful surprises.

Val said...

Oh, married the same year as me! Well done! Congratulations.

No Rain said...

Congratulations and hope you have a wonderful time.

Kerri said...

Good heavens Alice/Frances! (I see you're becoming well known)....
I can't believe I don't see a comment of mine on this post. I was sure I left one. Anyway, I hope your anniversary was a wonderful, romantic getaway, spent enjoying every moment together, and may you have many more wonderful years of happiness together. Yours is a match made in Heaven :)

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Heres to 40 more.
Chigiy at Gardener’s Anonymous said:

Sara from said...

Many congratulations. The Blue Mountains are a beautiful place to celebrate. I have visited them when I was over in Australia. I hope you had a lovely time.
Sara from farmingfriends