Friday, April 11, 2008

Perth to Fremantle

If I visit another city on holiday, an almost imperitive requirement is that the city has a river and a fleet of ferries. Why? Because I feel blissful when sitting or standing outside on a fast ferry, getting blown inside out by the wind!
Thus, Perth and Fremantle, linked by the Swan River, rate pretty high on my holidaying, ferry riding list.
Fremantle, with 26,000 people is 20klm southwest of Perth, and a lovely 50-minute ferry ride away. 'Freo' is the port city for Perth and was the point of disembarkation for many migrants arriving by sea from the northern hemisphere.
Leaving the ferry terminal in Perth

Perth city

The Narrows Bridges over the Swan River

One of the many marinas on the Swan River

Container ship in Fremantle

In Fremantle Harbour

Let's hope these containers ALL arrive at their destination. We heard that about 10% can be lost at sea in a storm.

Fremantle has many beautiful buildings lining its streets.

Restaurants by the water.

VERY expensive craft.

The Rotnest Island ferry.

Terracotta roofed buildings are reputed to be the most expensive house in Australia, valued at $85million.

South Perth


Mandi said...

Glad you saw Perth and Freo our home when we are not here in do you rate it compared to your home town....we are thinking of going east one day

Kerri said...

What strikes me most about this series of photos is all the beautiful blue....ocean and sky. Just gorgeous!
I always loved riding the ferry across Sydney Harbour, and know what you mean by that blissful feeling. I lived in Neutral Bay for a while before I was married, and rode the ferry to work and back. It was the highlight of my day...a wonderful way to travel.
I feel refreshed just looking at your beautiful photos. Thanks for taking us along, Alice!