Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rocks, rocks and yet more rocks

I'm sure that farming in this type of country must be quite a challenge, but the country around Lancefield, Victoria. is fascinating with these huge outcrops of large white rocks.

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Rosemary said...

what great pictures and I agree who could farm this land , tho I am sure many hearty souls do

Pam said...

This reminds me of the road to Mannum in here in South Australia, but people being what they are, are lot of the rocks are scrawled with ugly graffitti. Your photos however are lovely and reassuring!

Ali Honey said...

Love those rocks. Do they build stone fences with them?

We have an area over here a bit similar with stone/ rock called Hinuera stone, quarried for building.

shellyC said...

Kurt would just love those there rocks!!!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Alice blue sky's how did that happen?

Rob always wanted a bit of land to build another home on and would choose this rocky land first as he thinks it adds charm........I think it adds snakes in summer that's what I think. :)

Please tell Ali yes we do have stone walls, very old stone walls and there is a tour you can sometimes go on to visit them by walking them.

adore all your photos.......did you see anything you would love forever?? :)


Kerri said...

Oh my! It's very beautiful and picturesque, but farming would indeed be difficult, at best, on that rocky ground.
You've captured this rugged country beautifully Alice.
It looks nice and green there.
I see you found some cows :)

meggie said...

Those are lovely huge rocks. I am reminded of other rock formations--perhaps given more 'cred' than they deserve?

James White said...

The rocks which are shown in pictures are looking very cool to me. I love to climb over the huge rocks. Last year I had visited Australia for this purpose and enjoyed climbing very much.

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James White