Wednesday, August 06, 2008

'Tis Time...

... to pack our bags and head south once more.

We will spend a week at Kyneton, north of Melbourne,
from where we can explore many of the beautiful old towns of central Victoria,
catch up with old friends,
and hopefully take lots of photos.

At the end of the week,
we'll head down to Melbourne and spend a few days with my sister,
see some other folk, and if I'm really honest,
on the Sunday attend the prime reason for the trip,
a matinee performance of Donizetti's 'The Elixir of Love',
with a superb cast, including
David Hobson, Roger Lemke and Antionette Halloran.

After almost a year of waiting,
all reports are that it will be worth the wait.
(are you all ready, Catsmum?)

So, folks, take care of yourselves wherever you are,
and we'll be back sometime in the next couple of weeks.

David Hobson as Nemorino in 'Elixir'


Noella said...

Oh, Alice! Have an absolutely wonderful time on your trip to Victoria AND the highlight of 'Elixir' with David!

I'll want to hear all about it when you return...


Kerri said...

Oh, you're off again! Have a wonderful time, as I know you will, with another shot of your favorite entertainer to look forward to :)
I hope by the time you get back my computer will be fixed and things will have calmed down a little. Summer is going way too fast.
We'll miss you! Be good Miss Alice!

Marlene Depler said...

Enjoy your travels! I'm just catching up on your blog today.

catsmum said...

see ya at the matinee on Sunday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time on your travels and I'll catch up with you when you return. I've lots to fill you in on since I've been on my blog holiday. xox Nicole