Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Open Gardens at Burra, NSW

A tree too interesting to bypass. Goodness knows its age, but it had evidently been struck by lightning and dead for many years.

Five gardens were open to the public over a weekend earlier this month.

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Long closed, the Burra Primary School....

..... and outhouse.

Beautiful irises. Too many to take in - and too many on sale to resist!


Kerri said...

The Burra gardens look like a wonderful place, with those lovely hills in the background.
The iris beds seem to stretch for a very long way. How hard was it to choose just a few of those beauties to bring home?
That school and outhouse are so quaint :)
Beautiful scenes to brighten this cold, windy day...thanks for sharing, Alice.

Ingela said...


Found youre blog via... It´s wonderful to a Aussie at heart, the landscape, the eukalyptus in bloom, and the old primary school, mine was Baranduda primary school outside of Woodonga. But all this was 30 years ago, excuse my spelling. Now I live in Sweden were I´m born. I, as youreself, love gardening but the climate is a bit different.


meggie said...

We used to have wonderful Irises growing in one of our gardens in Christchurch. There are wonderful clumps of them in the Botanic Gardens there too.
What a beautiful set of photos.

Jane said...

Love the pink "kiss me quick" in the second last photo. I was allowed to take some pieces when I Geelong a couple of months ago and they have rooted nicely. Must plant them. No idea of their real name.