Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Weekend in the Garden

The Spring flush of flowers has passed but there's still quite a bit of colour in the garden. We've had at least our November average rainfall, so hopefully the colour will continue for a while yet.
Carpet rose

Under the cherry tree.

Smoke bush flowers

Japanese Maple

Calendula, alyssum, and ivy geraniums

Front garden

White iceberg roses

Blue tongued lizard finding warmth in the compost heap.

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Kerri said...

That's great news about your rainfall, and your garden is obviously happy because of it.
You must feel so contented to see that lovely green lawn, and all those beautiful trees and blooms looking so gorgeous.
I'm drooling over the carpet rose, and the icebergs, and the yellow roses, and the lavender, and the Smoke bush...and....and....all that glorious colour!
When all is brown, white and grey outside, it's such a treat to see your wonderful gardens.
Thank you dear Alice!

meggie said...

Our Bluetoungues don't seem to come to our garden now. I suspect it is because Honey kept chasing them.
I love the smokebush, & of course all the roses are just gorgeous.

Frankie said...

You never show us the work and the sweat all this involves... come on, give us a photo of you bending down and weeding sometime!

Alice said...

Frankie - you must think I'm a contortionist......bending down in the garden AND taking a photo!!!

Well, I'll try...just for you.

meili_lo said...

the photos are beautiful!

saw you on meggie's blog and thought of inviting you to my site.

hope to exchange links with you if it's ok.


shellyC said...

better keep an eye on the lizard so the kids know where to find it.

Patsi said...

So lovely to see color in the garden. Except for the lizard.