Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Photos

Ripening plums

Nectarines are so teasing with their lovely red skins but they won't be ripe for several weeks yet.

I hope the potatoes are growing as well under the ground as they are on top.

French beans flowering.

Now where did those ripe tomatoes go?

The things you find on your front lawn!!!

White Iceberg roses.

These three roses were planted nine years ago to celebrate the birth of our first grandchild, Zoe.

Reward at days' end.

I love the way the trees appear to change colour in the stormy light.

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Kerri said...

First you tease us with fresh cherries and apricots...and now those delicious looking plums and nectarines! Have a heart, Alice! lucky you are to have such lovely fruit trees in your garden.
Looks like you'll be eating plenty of fresh, veggies too. Could you spare a tomatoe or two for the deprived (meaning us), Madame?
Roses, rainbows and that golden light on the trees...all are a sight for sore eyes!
Thank you!
You're now forgiven for flaunting your beautiful fruit and veggies :)

Calidore said...

Your garden is doing well. No fruit on our trees due to lack of water but we have been given plenty by the local growers where Ashley has worked. Lovely roses as always. Did you get rain out of those clouds? All we got was dust, dust and more dust.

Tamara said...

Alice, I really enjoy your photo stories of your beautiful garden and life in Canberra. I'm passing on an award to you that recognises your expression of self on your blog, the Premio Dardos Award. I realise you may not pass it on, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy visiting your site.


Thanks for your comments on my blog.We enjoy your photos, but can you tell me how do you keep the possums away from ripening fruit?
Ours not only wants to eat the fruit outside the house but has taken to coming inside through the cat door! to get the fruit on the bench.

Cute, but v naughty


Barbara said...

It makes me feel a little envy, seeing all the ripe fruits and tomatoes, not to speak about the blooming roses ! We still have to wait some months till we can show the same pictures from here. Winter always seems to be long...
Have a great Sunday,

texasdaisey said...

Wow, your blog makes me really want to visit Australia. Beautiful.

meggie said...

Beautiful foliage, the roses are just wonderful, & your vegetables make my mouth water. There is nothing quite as special as freshly picked & cooked beans! New potatoes! I miss having a garden.

T said...

I would give anything to be able to have fruit trees like you do. But for now I will have to settle for learning container gardening. It can still be fun, especially at
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Michael Manning said...

ROses are my favorite---have a nice weekend! :)

Noella said...

I could just reach into my screen and pick one of those plums! I guess by now they are all well and truly eaten, Alice.

I love your vegetable garden, and my son would too. Your yard has so many different angles to it - it must be HUGE!

Frankie said...

I heard of the bushfire in Victoria on French radio. Any rain coming your way?