Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Lure of Leaves

I often find the leaves of plants as attractive as the flowers. The colour, shape and texture is endlessly fascinating.

Here is a selection of leaves in my garden photographed over the past couple of years.

Grevillea 'Johnsonii'

Acer palmatum 'Seiryu'

Dodonaea (Hop Bush)





Phormium (New Zealand Flax)


Dill (seed heads)

Marguerite daisy

Gaura (and raindrops)



Zonal pelargonium



Bronze Fennel

Cherry, Smoke Bush and Variegated Abelia leaves

Sapium sebiferum (Chinese Tallow Tree) ....1

..... 2

Sorbus (Mountain Ash)


Acer rubrum (October Glory)

Acer palmatum

Dodonaea (Hop bush - in winter)


a good yarn said...

Flowers give leaves some pretty serious competition but they hold there own as you have so capably demonstrated here.


Val said...

Some wonderful photos. I am interested to see the liquidamber, Ive heard a lot about it recently. But I havent heard of Chinese Tallowood, I shall investigate further. Lovely to look at these on a grey winter day.

Merle said...

Dear Alice ~~ Great photos and so different. I like the ferns best, but there are some beauties there
and so many colours'

Thanks for your visit and comments. Glad you like the stories and jokes.
Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.

Kerri said...

Oh, beautiful, Alice! I'd love to touch all those lovely leaves. The colours are such a tonic when all we have to look at outside is monochrome...or so it seems.
I particularly like the phormium, Acer Palmatum and Chinese Tallowood, but they're all gorgeous.
Lucious leaves! Thank you!

Susan said...

Yes, Alice, here in the States it is very cold and frosty, with nothing but gray and browns to look at. But one can always find beautiful colors on your blog! Thanks for thinking 'outside the box' and sharing your wonderful leaf pictures with us!

Barbara said...

Indeed a very impressive selection of beautiful leaves in so different colours and texture. I wonder whether this Jacaranda (lovely name, sounds very exotic) also belongs to the family of ferns. The leaves look so similar. Is your "...2" a cercidiphyllum japonicum? I've got one and the leave and the colour is - I think - almost identical.

In transit said...

Really Like your new header. Very pretty!

Somewhere in time said...

Hello from Seattle, Washington.
Enjoyed all your photos.

Kerri said...

I was just having another look at your leaves and wondered...where are you going to plant that lovely jacaranda? Is there more than one pot there? More of Richard's seed endeavours, eh? :)
Your new header is beautiful! I meant to mention it before, but was distracted by the wonderful leaves.

Noella said...

Just rolling around in your delightful gallery of leaves, Alice!

The liquid amber has always been a favourite of mine. We had one in our front yard when I was growing up, and I would endlessly collect the "best" coloured leaves as they fell on the ground.