Friday, February 20, 2009

Is it 'Backyard Blitz'?

No, it's how to use up 1000 bricks.
Build a wood-fired barbeque, with storage either side (yet to have doors attached), and then pave the whole area with bricks and sand.

....and the bashful brickie contemplating nearing the end of a job well done!

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In transit said...

Looks fantastic.
Great for Summer time, at any rate - certainly the *best* use for1000 bricks!

Calidore said...

Wow that is fantastic. What an amazing job and I love the way the bricks are arranged with the holes facing up - adds an extra dimension to it all. Well done both of you.

Kerri said...

Richard's latest project looks wonderful. What a nice job he's done!
I'm sure you'll have plenty of delicious BBQs in your newly done area. Does Richard BBQ, or are you the outdoor cook?
I don't remember the railing being that colour. Has it recently been repainted by the handyman?
I'm wondering what project the bashful brickie has lined up next. You've got a good man there, Alice :)
Throw some prawns on the barbie for Ross and I, will you please? We'll be right over!

Jane said...

Like the pattern of those bricks.

I do have the Christmas tape to send you......did we find out if the lady overseas wanted a copy of the music?

I can so easily forget.......vbg.
Come visit and spread the news...I have a giveaway.

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic, good job !


Anonymous said...

Looks great - can't wait for a delicious vegie burger cooked on that bbq...

Michael Manning said...

The patience required to just level the bricks is astounding! Kidos! Great work!!!!

Frankie said...

...but... grass will grow through the holes eventually... so what's the idea? (forgive my silly question)

Noella said...

Nice work! Looks really neat and even. The size of your yard is huge in my mind's eye, all that beautiful, flowering garden, trees, and now a lovely outdoor BBQ area.