Sunday, March 01, 2009

Show Scenes

Like many agricultural shows these days, the Royal Canberra Show is only a fraction of the size that it was up until a few years ago.

However, on a Friday morning it's still good for a few animal

Belted Galloways

Mixed breeds waiting to be judged.

Charolais resting in the shade.

Murray Greys fronting up to the judges.

Getting a trim.....

....... and a shower.

Holsteins waiting for their turn ......

...... in the milking demonstration.

In the farmyard nursery -


Piglet 'milkbar'

Swimming lessons for ducklings.

Black kids.



"Baa, baa, black sheep"

The horses have returned after missing last year's show due to an outbreak of Equine Influenza.

Could this be our newest grand-daughter in a few years?

Up and over.

Sideshow alley - almost deserted on a Friday ....

..... but it will come alive at the weekend.

Keeping control......

...... with a little help.

"Aren't I beautiful?"

"Perhaps this is my better side?"

"I had my hair done especially for today......"

"...... but I seemed to have got my horns in a bit of a twist."


'Ships of the desert'

Highland cattle sporting 'handlebar horns'.

Stilleto sharp!

More Charolais at rest.


Noella said...

Looks like a fun day, Alice!

I could all but smell the atmosphere of all these beautiful animals.

Jellyhead said...

Well after that, I feel like I went to the show myself! Wonderful photos, Alice.

I love those highlander cattle. They look so sweet! Do you think I could keep one in the backyard?

Anonymous said...

I adore agricultural shows. I love taking the children to see the different types of animals. Our local show is pretty lame though and the nearst one to us that measures up is the Brisbane EKKA which has become too crowded and expensive. It's a shame that it is so commercial these days. Nothing like what is used to be. Thanks for sharing your fun. xox

Kerri said...

The show may be smaller but it still looks like a nice way to spend the day, and there's quite an interesting assortment of animals.
The boor goats look rather like hogs from the rear, don't they? Beautiful? Well....perhaps to a male boor goat :)
The sheered alpacas look a bit naked and skinny :)
I wouldn't want one of those Murray Greys stepping on my toes.
Better give your newest granddaughter a few years to grow first :)
Thanks for taking us along to the show, Alice. We had fun :)

Frankie said...

In the farmyard nursery, the sheep look like they're admiring a late Picasso at some art gallery!... I love the look of the Canberra rolling hills at the back.

In transit said...

If her Mum or Oma have any influence, I'd bet that your newest Grand daughter will be out there one day!

catsmum said...

of course it goes without saying that I liked the goaties bestest!
[ 'pacas a close second ]

says she still grumpy about missing Don Giovanni on Saturday :[

Kati said...

What fun! Hard to see how it's not as big as it once was! Yet, I know what you say is true, because I've seen it here too at our own agricultural fairs.