Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Say Cheese, please.....EDAM Cheese, that is!"

A delightful interlude on our trip out into the Dutch countryside was a walk through the beautiful little town of Edam.

That's right, Edam, of EDAM CHEESE fame.

This little town is well worth a visit, not only for the cheese, but also for the unique streetscapes, interesting buildings, and 'canals at the bottom of the gardens' much do I want one at the bottom of my garden!

Canal complete with loch gates.

Outdoor least in the summer time.

Buildings with 'stepped' facade date from 16th Century.


diane said...

It is a lovely village. Typically dutch with the canals and opening bridges and stepped facades. Cute narrow streets too. I love Europe but wouldn't want to live there.
Bye the way the floating River Walk
was opened in 2003 but it was closed for some time for repairs and has just reopened.You can walk there from South Bank or Riverside Markets all the way to New Farm.

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a picturesque place, Alice. Ah yes a canal in the bottom of the garden. It would be lovely until the wet season...then it may not stay at the bottom of the garden!

I love Edam cheese...actually I love most cheeses.

Kerri said...

How I'd love to walk through that beautiful little village, especially with you and Richard...and Ross, of course :)
What a wonderful, picturesque place, with those marvelous, old buildings and that scenic, peaceful canal. The stepped facades add great interest...but all the architecture is amazing, with the various styles.
Ah yes, a canal at the bottom of your garden would be so attractive, dear Alice, and very handy for watering. I'm sure Richard could rig up a pump :)
Did you eat some of the delicious cheese?

WILBO43 said...

What a great place. Looks like something out of a movie. Nice pics!

diane said...

Happy Swiss day to SIL

diane said...

Me again. Kandesteg is a beautiful area, it is not far from Thun where BB is from.

Michelle said...

I want that 'studio' in photo 3!! a round studio at the bottom of the garden overlooking a canal - perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

You wont believe this Alice but the house opposite the cheese market that you have taken a photo of was where my husbands father had his butchers shop may years ago!

Anonymous said...

It's the 10th Edam photo you took Alice, thats where my husbands father had his shop.