Monday, July 27, 2009

A Slight Deviation

I was recently ordered by my blog friend, Kerri, to get myself and my camera outside into the Canberra winter and photograph whatever was in my garden. So, madam, your wish is my command.......and here 'tis.
However, unlike Kerri, I don't know the botanical names of everything.....or else I'm too lazy to go and find


Hop Bush


Pink Correa

3 Euphorbias


Pink Rosemary

White Correa

White Osterspermum





Perennial Wallflower

Deciduous Dogwood

White Westringia


Why can't the Acanthus look this good in summer?

Helibores and white violets

At least Richard has been busy. This whole bed is full of lettuce seedlings and seeds. Anyone for salad....lots of it?

Broad beans......I'm sure they are in there somewhere!

Parsley gone mad!


Gattina said...

Beautiful flowers and plants, most of them I don't know, I don't have a green thumb at all !

Anonymous said...

In the cold winter your garden is looking like a warm and inviting place, a delightful blend of foliage and colour. Wonderful photos Alice

Titania said...

Alice, you have a wonderful garden,
for heart and soul and also for hearty dishes! I am amazed that so much grows in winter in Cabberra, as it is supposed to be so cold. It looks similar to ours, apart from the broadbeans they start flowering. Not long and spring is here! I hope we get enough rain this spring as the rumour goes around another dry spell is arriving.

Kerri said...

Oh thank you, Alice!
You have quite a lot of winter interest in your much different from our garden in winter, buried under snow.
The Leucadendron is lovely, and I love those pretty pink wallflowers.
Richard's veggie garden is so neat and tidy, whereas ours is a soggy weed patch this year. We had to give up mulching with hay and Ross can't keep up with the weeds.
He did harvest some nice lettuce today though.
As for botanical names, you know far more of them than I do. Common names suit me just fine :)
We had a sunny, warm day, without the predicted thunderstorm, and I actually got some work done in the garden, after a busy social weekend.
I hope your day was a good one too :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

You have quite a lot of interesting shrubs and plants in your garden, Alice. I was quite surprised in fact to see what you had in the winter in Canberra. Oooh, good luck with the veges, except you can keep the broad

Meggie said...

I am having serious parsley envy here!! Gom has beheaded most of mine- again!
I cannot understand why my violets never have flowers. They grow healthy looking leaves, but never ever flower for me. sob.

Barbara said...

It's amazing to see how many plants are growing in "winter" (at least what you call winter in your country!). Could your ? plants be a sort of euphorbium? They look quite similar.
Summer greetings from Switzerland,