Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the home front....

..... showers, rain, hail and clouds;
thunder and lightning too, but they wouldn't be photographed.

I'm not too keen on hail storms, but fortunately these hailstones were quite small and the storm didn't last very long.

Even the paddocks in the distance had a good covering of white.

Hail on the shadecloth over the fernery. I was surprised that the dripping water showed up so clearly.

I love clouds of all shapes and colours, especially stormy ones.

Down the street,

between the houses,

through the trees,

and over the rainbow.


Kerri said...

That was quite a hail storm, Alice. It's good to see your yard and surroundings again. It's been a while. I love seeing those big gums. It's a pretty street you live on.
I like your fernery. It looks like it would be a cool place to be in the summertime. It's pretty with the water dripping down.
I seem to remember that red tree being a Dogwood. Is that right?
Such a lovely rainbow. Guess what song is running through my head now...and will be all night, probably..."Somewhere, over the rainbow...." Thank you, dear.

Noella said...

Alice, I sure do have some blog-reading to catch up on!

Your photos are superb (as always) and capture the mood of the storm so well. I just love the photo with the red tree.

You live in beautiful surroundings.

Love, Noella

racheld said...

I'm a cloud person, as well, and I LOVE that you have a fernery!!

I hope that tile roof is yours---I've always wanted one.

I've been meaning to say that I cannot make your "FOLLOW" button let me sign on. I've tried it on several visits, and it just keeps taking me to a "Cannot be found" page. I wonder if anyone has signed on lately, or if it's just my computer not behaving well with others.

I'm gonna keep trying, cause I love visiting here!!

PS---Hail is beautiful too, but I don't love it quite as much. It made raggedy lace of my beautiful hosta beds two months ago, and they're still tatty and ugly. Pooh.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yes we had storms today. Just little ones. Looks like summer's coming...

Anonymous said...

That's a double rainbow!

Or is swine flu making me see double?

Alice said...

Rachel - no, that isn't our tiled roof, although we do have one (I'll put it in a photo just for you...lol)

I think one or two others have joined the Followers list in the last few days. I don't know why it's playing up for you....I hope it behaves itself soon as I'd love to have you as a Follower, and thank you for your enthusiasm.

Have you visited the Cloud Appreciation Society's website? There are photos of clouds in their Photo Gallery that you would never believe.

Titania said...

Alice great photos of storm clouds. I do love to look at them. I also like rain and cloudy days, there is such a variety, always interesting. I have experienced bad hailstorms on the farm. Here, the last 20 years we did have one very slightly so there were bad ones around us. We live now in the hills and it might make a difference.

racheld said...


The door opened this morning, and I thank you for your gracious welcome to the party!!

diane said...

Great storm shots, and even catching the rain drops that's hard. I envy you your fernery. The Aussie gum trees look lovely too. You have a peaceful outlook there.Have a nice weekend.

Marlene Depler said...

I never like hailstorms! I like the photos of the rainbow and the clouds.

Annie said...

I love your view and I too love clouds of all shapes and sizes. What a beautiful header you have. Canberra looks a nice place. I'd like to go there one day.

Barbara said...

I am glad nothing serious happened to your garden after this hailstorm. The dark clouds really look frightened. Here we have hail various times during summer, some of the plants were damaged this year. I love the picture with the rainbow...it's indeed a picture full of hope!
Have a good time,