Friday, October 30, 2009

Too Much Sunshine......

...... means too much shade.
Too much bright light, and too much shade to take good outdoor photos, means that flowers don't show up to their best effect. However, waiting for optimum conditions sometimes means I miss the flowers altogether.

Iceberg roses are budding prolifically and should produce a wonderful display.

Another Cotinus (Smoke Bush). Perhaps Jane will like this one better?

Anyone need some Alyssum or African Daisy seedlings? The result of piling plants in a heap waiting to be mulched.

Japanese Maple, Silver Birch, Calendula and Californian Poppies.

Poppies in the shade of a Sycamore Maple.

Mauve and white Lilac.

Claret Ash, yellow Broom, African Daisies.

Self-sown Sweet Peas.

Smoke Bush, Crab Apple.

Eriginon (Seaside Daisies).

African Daisies.

Overgrown Silverbeet vying for space with the Alyssum.

Lavender, Centranthus and Bronze Fennel.

Centranthus, daisies and Ceanothus.


Silver Curry Plant. The leaves actually taste like curry and can be used in cooking.


Crab Apple.

Only a few months ago this daisy was a cluster of thick, stumpy branches without a leaf on them.

Columbines in the shade of the cherry tree.


Seeing Anew said...

Looks like you're back in the glory of your our leaves are shedding the last of their leaves! Thanks for the reminder that brighter days will come again! :-)

Susan said...

Alice, is there ever too much sunshine? Your garden is lovely as always! Have a great weekend.

racheld said...

Lilacs in bloom, though half a world away, are a breath of Spring and warmth in this October of rain and cold and promises unfulfilled.

I'm so glad to see your sunshine and pretty posies!!!


Bernie said...

What a beautiful garden, it's amazing.....I can see the work and love that you have put into it. I love lilac and lavendar so seeing your beautiful lilacs were a real treat........have a great weekend my friend.....:-) Hugs

catsmum said...

feel free to pot me up a bit of white lilac for next time we meet :]

never been game to try cooking with my curry plant but love the smell when I crush the leaves
thanks for the updates on Daph

Jane or Ozjane said...

Definately more my concept of the smoke bush.
Did I see some "kiss me quick" there.
I stole some (with permission) when in Geelong last year but did not get it to grow.
I hate buying things I can strike or pull out a root of.

diane said...

So many beautiful flowers you must be so proud and dlighted in Spring. You must put a lot of work into it.

Ross said...

What beautiful gardens you have! You and Richard must be hard workers. You take wonderful pictures,too.

Kerri said...

Hey, look who beat me here! I'd better stop being the tortoise.
He's becoming quite clever, isn't he? ;)
You must both be on cloud nine when soaking up those wonderful blooms and shrubs in your garden at the moment. It's looking absolutely gorgeous!
The Smoke Bush is such a beautiful color. We'll have to look for one to plant in our garden.
Save some of those African Daisy seedlings for me and toss them over in our spring, will you please?
I see the Centranthus is putting on a lovely show. Richard will be pleased :)
I love the Ceanothus. And you have Lilac too! I'm amazed that it grows there.
So many beauties...too many to comment on individually, but I love them all.
Passersby must be so delighted with your gorgeous display.
It's truly a growing delight, Alice :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Fran, your garden is just wonderful. What a lot of hard work has gone in to make such a glorious display.

I adore the smell of the curry bush, especially just after it's rained. It's like rosemary... seems to like the wet and releases the scent of the leaves.

That was a lovely visit around your garden.

Marlene Depler said...

It is hard to comprehend that things are blooming down under while we are heading toward winter in North America. In fact, last week we had a big snow---quite unusual to have so much that early. The weather is nice now. Cool, but sunny here in Colorado.

Andrea's Garden said...

Your garden is absolutely beautiful!
We are waiting for winter to pass - then it's back to gardening in Germany. I really love your African Daisies and it reminds me that I forgot to plant them this year. Best wishes from across the oceans, Andrea

moses said...

Great pictures.
My favorite is the Gazanias.

Meggie said...

I get to the stage of WTBH?? (Short for what the bloody hell?)
I find half the photos are missing & even if I right click to display, they won't show? so frustrating, but I realise it is not your fault. GGGGRRRR to Blogger!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Beautiful garden. Love your flowers.

Laura in Paris said...

I have just left a comment in Di's blog, and it was so full of autumn: yello and red leaves, bare tress ... and then I come here, and see an explosion of colors and blue sky!
Check my blog, I wave awarded you the Honest Scarp Award - and start thinking what ten truths you're going to tell!