Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Truth Will Out......

Laura, who creates the most delicious-looking gastronomic delights, which I can only drool over but not replicate, has issued me with a challenge of posting 10 Truths About Myself.

Rules of this award:

Post 10 truths about oneself:
Pass the award to 10 others (with their links):
Include the link of the person who honored you with the award :
My Ten (Random) Truths!

(not necessarily in order of importance)

1. I hate olives, blue-vein cheeses, and most Champagne......that pretty well does away with inviting me for drinks and nibblies, doesn't it?

2. I would love to have a really large garden......yet I find this one of 1440sq metres too large to maintain with ease now, especially during drought.

3. I grew up on a dairy farm and by and large had a happy childhood in a big family, and am thankful for the parents and siblings I was blessed with.

4. I live in Australia's Capital City, but often think I would like to move somewhere else. However the thought of packing/selling everything means I shall probably stay here.

5. I sometimes wish some things I could do better, do more often, or had never done at all, but realise the futility of wishing for what I can't change. I shall just have to do things differently from tomorrow......if I

6. I love interracting with my blog and internet friends and would really like to visit and meet every one of them, whether they be in Australia or overseas.

7. I love watching the ocean when it is very rough (but don't want to be on it), clouds/sunrises/sunsets, trees, flowers and winding pathways, the worms and other 'animal life' at work in the compost heap, and especially love watching my grandchildren's fascination with plants, animals, insects, etc.......even when they bring them into the house!

8. I am so proud of my four children, what they have done with their lives, and the wonderful adults they have all become.

9. I would like to finish our garden, make up all the fabric in my sewing room, learn how to shop for clothes (my sisters will be laughing hysterically at these three tasks), and cook because I want to, not because I have to.

10. I would like to be more computer-literate, but more than that, I would like a computer that is FAST!!!

Now this should be fun....who can I torment with this challenge?

1. The first one was obvious - Kerri, from Colors of the Garden, who takes such wonderful photos of her beautiful garden in Upstate New York, and has become a very dear friend.

2. Annie, from annie-flowergarden, whose love of life is so inspiring and I'd like to know her better.

3. Rachel, from lawntea.blogspot, who draws people to life with her imaginative writing.

4. Annette, from coolabahcapers.blogspot, who is travelling Australia and I want to hear more about it. Come on, little Sister!

5. Susan, from susaninstitches.blogspot, who writes me the briefest of emails and I want to see if she can write

6. Noella, from australiannightowl.blogspot, who wants to take a break from Internet Scrabble ...... you do, don't you, Noella?

7. Jane, from five-minutes-of-fame.blogspot, who kindly allowed me to come and stay with her for two nights, sight unseen, and then spent two weeks in hospital recovering.......I'm a dangerous

8. Chloe, from chloesgarden.blogspot, who was my very first blog contact and helped me get started. Perhaps this challenge will entice her back into blogging regularly as her gardening posts were always 'down to earth'.

9. Michelle, from shellsandbeans.blogspot, who suggested to her mother (me) that she start a blog as she might meet someone with similar interests. What an understatement that turned out to be!!! Thanks, Shelle.

10. Tanya, from purplegiraffes.wordpress, whom I gather needs to update her 100 things, so perhaps we could start with just TEN. I'm waiting, Tanya........see if you can beat

Thanks, Laura ........ this post took me forever to do!!!


racheld said...

Why, Thank You, Sweetpea, for the kind words---if nominated, I will serve.

It may be a little while, though, cause I still don't have all the bells and whistles back on this browser, and tomorrow is my 300th Post, plus the One Year Anniversary of my blog. I'm sooo important, you know. Sheesh.

It just seems that the milestones were forever getting here, and I added up the posts every few days so I wouldn't miss it by mis-adding.

Thanks for thinking of me, and I'll try to condense all the hurry-scurry nothing and everything which fill my days into ten concise, interesting THINGS. As if.

DO drop in tomorrow---'tain't much, but 'twill serve!!

Bernie said...

Congratulations on your award, I enjoyed learning more about you very much.....:-) Hugs

Annie said...

Hey Alice, I loved no. 9 and could so relate!! I'll give it a go. I got a surprise to see my name there, and you said some lovely words about me, thankyou!

Laura in Paris said...

Oh, I enjoyed reading your ten truths - and hope you enjoyed writing them!

Kerri said...

How sweet of you to include me in your list of friends to torment, Alice :)
I may relent on my vow to not do memes...just for you, but it will have to wait a little while. There are things to do and people to see ( bulbs still to plant and an 8th birthday party to attend this weekend among other things!).
I will remember not to feed you olives, blue-vein cheese ( don't like mold??) and champagne. But how about a nice, sweet Reisling or other white wine? And perhaps a nice sharp cheese? Anchovies anyone?
I know all about trying to maintain large gardens. But there's so much to grow, isn't there? :)
I'll be very happy to show you our compost heap!
Oh yes, number nine. I think we can all relate to that one (except for those who love to shop). I actually like to cook, but would rather garden :)
You don't suppose it could be those millions of photos slowing our poor computers down, do you? I've been spending hours eliminating some of mine. What an awful job!
I see your predicted high is 27ºC/91ºF in your neck of the woods. Ours is 11ºC/51ºF and sunny, so I must get those bulbs planted!
Have a lovely day dear Alice.

Kerri said...

Make that 27ºC/80ºF.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Well you can come to my place for drinks and nibbles anytime, Fran. Because I don't like those eats either and never buy them.

It was good to get an insight into the secret "you". Have a lovely your garden, of course.

diane said...

Thanks for sharing your life with us. I can relate to many of them except that I like blue vein cheese .Happy gardening...I'm frustrated as I have a sore back and can't get into the garden...anyway its too hot and too dry.

Noella said...

A little late, I am responding to your challenge my dear friend! Scrabble has been my R&R and chat with friends during a stressful time of many changes - BUT I RISE TO YOUR CHALLENGE! I shall re-connect with blogging!

Thank you for your encouragement and unconditional love.

Noella xxx