Thursday, December 31, 2009

Russell and Shannon .....

..... a beautiful Wedding Celebration.
May your lives together be just as beautiful and happy.
Shannon and Russell with Marriage Celebrant, Christine.

Sara, Bec, Christi, Ailee, Greg, Jason, Michael, Lachlan,
Shannon and Russ

The happy family - including Evelynne.

Lots of bubbles after Evelynne's Naming Ceremony.

About to cut the cake......and make a wish or two.


The Wedding Celebration took place in a delightful outdoor setting. The bride looked stunning, the bridesmaids lovely, the groom handsome and the groomsmen pretty good


Calidore said...

Beautiful photos and the bride and groom look so happy. Congratulations to them both.

racheld said...

Lovely. Much happiness to the new family, and also to you in the New Year, my Faraway Friend.


Bernie said...

Everyone looks so lovely and such a perfect day for a wedding, I wish them much happiness. Happy New Year Alice....look forward to blogging with you in 2010..:-) Hugs

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Happy New Year Dear Frances & Richard. What a wonderful wedding. Beautiful pictures. Look forward to catching up with news in 2010.
Fondest Love - Marion ^ John

Kerri said...

Oh, thank you dear Frances!
How lovely to see these beautiful pictures of the happy day. Everyone looks beautiful (and handsome)! But where are the photos of the parents of the bride and groom? I hope we'll be graced with some of those, and more pics of the wedding....can't ever have too many!
Shannon looks radiant and her dress is gorgeous! The bridesmaids look lovely too and the dresses turned out so nicely.
The tiny redhead is adorable in her pretty satin dress :) Well done Grandma :)
Sincerest congratulations to Shannon and Russ. May their marriage be abundantly blessed.

Robyn said...

Happy New Year Francis and Richard I think last year with all that you did will take some beating. Enjoyed the email of wedding photos it motivated me to go and get my computer bible and at last bookmark your A Growing Delight on my notebook as I find I use it more often than my old ever faithful desk computer where I 1st meet your Blog site in my quest for Christmas Carols Macca by the way did play some different Australian Carols this year besides the usual James Pegler one he used to trip out at Christmas I did write him about how there were others like the ones I got from you so hopefully it jogged his memory. Also enjoyed you popping in for cuppa and chats. No wonder we haven't seen you down Sth Coast much last year what with your trips and Wedding. I expect you were taking the photos you have on blog. I loved the Wedding gown and cake looked yummy too and so nicely iced. Because I wanted to send message via your blog I have now actually joined site too so I could respond and in doing so have just spent a wonderful journey travelling through your Growing Delight.Take care hope to see you soon Robyn

diane said...

What a beautiful wedding.

Frankie said...

Congratulations! ...and 'vive la mariƩe!'