Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Not a chance - not when the seeds cling to everything in sight, like gardening gloves, shoes, socks and other clothing.

The handyman has been at work and made this snazzy screen to partially separate the courtyard from the garden. It's all concreted into the ground, and it's very heavy......just in case you thought it would look good in your

I think two potted bamboo plants would look rather good on this side of the screen.

It's hard to get a pure white geranium, so I'm very happy with these. I must propagate some more.

Some colour on the balustrade.

I'm not sure of its name but the silver grey leaves are always attractive, and the pretty pink flowers make it a real winner. Easily propagated too.

One of the lavenders that escaped the purge a couple of months ago.

I love coriander in my food, but I think I like it even better when in flower as it is here. The leaves and flowers are so fine and lacy.

'Curry' plant. Has anyone actually used it in cooking?

Geraldton Wax.

The icebergs are just browning off, not melting.


Even convolvulus deserves to be photographed now and again.

Acanthus enjoying the shade.

The almost black leafed Aeonium zwartkopf makes a striking contrast to the various greens. Another plant which is easy to propagate.

The carpet rose will soon be a mass of flowers too.


diane said...

I never tire of looking at your beautiful garden. Why would you ant to put a screen up so that you can't see the garden??

Kerri said...

This post is a real conversation starter! I could comment on each and every photo, but I'll try to condense my thoughts (not easy for me)!
Ah yes, can't forget those Forget-me-nots....volunteers extraordinaire!
Richard's screen is lovely, but I couldn't help wondering the same thing as Diane.
That white geranium is gorgeous. I have a similar one in pale pink that I really love.
The pretty leaved, red flowered one is gorgeous too.
Those silver leaves and tiny pink flowers on your mystery plant are really lovely.
You purge lavender?? I have trouble getting it to overwinter in the garden. I planted another one this past summer and am hoping it survives.
Oh to have a rose bush covered so extravagantly with blooms as your Iceberg! How beautiful it is. I see the yellow bush behind has plentiful blooms too.
Aeonium is a new one to me. Love the dark color and interesting shape.
The Geraldton Wax and Callistemon remind me of my mother :)
The coriander is lovely with its mass of tiny white blossoms. I haven't seen the curry plant anywhere but in your garden. Have you never tried it in cooking?
The convolvulus is looking very pretty and is a lovely color. Definitely worthy of a photo.
The Acanthus certainly does look happy.
Condensing my thoughts is well nigh impossible, apparently ;)
This has been a lovely stroll through your beautiful spring garden, Alice. Thank you :)

Bernie said...

Oh your garden is so beautiful, I really like the screen and would like to see the plants on each side of it.....I think it adds to all that you have done...:-) Hugs

Catsngrams said...

It is so lovely to see your garden when we are expecting snow here in the states. It is like having a bit of summer right here inside.
Thanks so much for sharing.

racheld said...


I SO enjoy strolling amongst your beautifuls---several I've not seen before, but a few are dear old friends from the Southern years.

I looked at each and every one, enlarging them, noting stem and leaf and thorn and color, and it was just the loveliest jaunt in a new place.

Just one thing---I'm also from the land of cling-tights, stick-tights and cockleburs, and I have just learned that our own cottonseed from RIGHT WHERE I'M FROM is the probable culprit for bringing that awful Noogoora Burr to your country. And for that, I DO apologize.

Jellyhead said...

Things are looking good in your neck of the woods!

Puss-in-Boots said...

My basil never gets the opportunity to flower. Apparently you can use the curry plant in cooking. I love the scent of that...especially after it rains.

Lovely photos.

dyeve said...

wow..what a cute site you have..also the template is beautiful..nice colour..smiles

Jane or Ozjane said...

Now remember when you were wanting to dig in my garden......those lovely plants that are easy to propegate should also be easy to carry down next time and we could do that planting after all. I do not have any of a little Jane propegating corner would be oh so suitable......LOL.
And of course we would be oh so grateful.

Laura in Paris said...

Those gloves and sneakers say how many long hours you have spent in that beautiful garden.

Bernie said...

That beautiful silver plant with the pink flowers - what you called the 'mystery plant' looks like Kalanchoe pumila or Quicksilver. I have it growing in my garden too. I've just found your blog and I'm looking forward to reading more! You have a fabulous garden.

Meggie said...

I laugh bitterly at your, 'so easily propagated' comments. I swear, my hands contain seeds of death where plants are concerned in Oz. My tomotoes are freaks, deformed & miserable. The strawberries are pinhead in size, & not worth the soil or cost of seedlings. I bought the best of potting mix to grow tomatoes, & small insects eat the fruit from the vine. My radishes even failed! Who in the world cannot grow radishes for goodness sake??
I give in to defeat, & realise I could save many dollars just buying the bl**dy things from the greengrocer. Even the parsley has flagged. I give up!

Frankie said...

I liked it better when 'callistemon' were called 'bootle brush'!