Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My Turn...

Richard had his photographic stroll around the garden the other day, so yesterday it was my turn. It's almost a case of colour-overload at the moment. There is colour everywhere.
I have begun calling it the 'Charles Darwin Garden', ie. the Survival of the Fittest. You look at a plant one day and cannot find it the next because it has been swamped by something else. Such has been the result of the best season in years with regular good falls of rain.
Centranthus/Valerian, Silver Cineraria

African Daisy, Curry Plant, Purple Native Hibiscus (Algoyne), Yellow Daisy.


Mauve Lavatera, Yellow Daisy.

Yellow Daisy, Convolvulus

Convolvulus, Roses, Silver Pyrethrum

The cherries are a-coming. Should be a great crop if the weather and the birds are kind.

Centranthus, Gazanias

Centranthus, Gazanias, Wormwood

Silver Pyrethrum, Purple Hop Bush (Dodona)


Wormwood, Gazanias

Centranthus, Californian Poppies, Yellow African Daisies.

Californian Poppies, Bronze Fennel

Bronze Fennel, Nigella

Lime green Euphorbia, Centranthus, Miscanthus Sinensus (grass)

Yes, I realise that many of the same flowers appear in several photos, although from different areas of the garden. I think I got a bit light-headed with all the colour and just kept clicking away. Perhaps I should post the next lot as black and white?....lol


diane said...

Your garden is fabulous. The rain has made a big difference. You must spend a lot of time "making your garden grow".What a reward for you now. I'm soooo jealous.

Ozjane said...

Is Centanthus the plant that has the common name of Kiss me Quick.
That and worm wood are two I have lost although I may have bought another worm wood.....not quite sure ....
Love the street scape.....such lovely color. My front is fairly bare of color until some petunias come on.

racheld said...


This is such a bright and happy start to my morning!! I've just looked my eyes full, of all the blooms and fluffs and beautiful vistas right there on your lawn.

How much WORK this must be, and how very rewarding to see such fruits of your labours.

Oh, the blooms, and oh, the beauty!

I Do hope those delightful Gazinias are a faraway cousin to the plain old "zeenyers" of my own Mammaw's little country garden.

Kerri said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! A wealth of colour indeed! I would be hard pressed not to spend every waking moment out there with my camera in hand.
Now I see what you mean about the Centranthus. Mine is just a pea under a mattress compared to yours :) It's such a pretty rosy red and everything looks good with it, especially the silvery leaved plants.
My mother grew gazanias but I've never seen them as lovely as yours!
Oh to have carpets of osteos like that!
Yum, yum...loads of cherries coming. You lucky ducks!
Are the Convolvulvus commonly called Bush Morning Glories, or some other name? Gorgeous!
I love that lime green Euphorbia and the Miscanthus.
I'm so happy to see You and Richard reaping the rewards of all your diligent hard work. You've created a paradise. People driving by must slow down to a crawl to enjoy that beautiful sight.
You deserve a standing ovation.
Thanks so much for sharing all that glorious beauty.