Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The First Day of Spring .....

..... is always a good day to take camera in hand and see what's happening in the garden.
Iceberg roses are shooting.

Tritelia are everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!

Self-sown Calendula

Pansies grown by my lovely neighbour, Lorrie.

Tesselars half-priced Dutch Hyacinths pushing their way through. Oh, the anticipation of that perfume!



New shoots on the Lilac and Sweet Peas on the fence.

Red tips on the Photinia

Tiny flower buds on the Cercis Forest Pansy

Pink Rosemary

A couple of snazzy daffodils


I have plans for many more of these hardy, colourful plants.

Bronze Fennel

Not jellybeans but an equally colourful succulent



Hop Bush

Acanthus. If only they would look like this all summer.

Lace Bush

Highly perfumed Erlicheer

Perennial Wallflower

Violet violets and non-violet violets.

Broad Beans

Apricot blossoms suggesting lots of fruit if only the parrots and cockatoos will leave them alone.


More buds than you can poke a stick at.


Rob said...

Your garden is just waking up as ours are getting ready for bed. You have some nice plants in your garden.

Bernie said...

Your garden is looking terrific at the start of Spring ... those Tritelia are just gorgeous. Love those Daffodils and Primulas ... and those pretty Wallflowers! So many lovely blooms.

racheld said...

I see names I've never heard, see flowers lush and blooming so far away---your garden is simply stunning!

I've looked and looked, and the snazzy daffs and the fat buds and the colors are just a wonder.

And another wonder---I'm sitting here with my coffee, enjoying your garden on the other side of the world. Marvels and wonders.

Ozjane said...

am amazed at how late your hyacinths are...mine are almost 3/4's through their flowering.

Michelle said...

oh my those Helibores are stunning!! Might need to pick a tiny few for my room in a few weeks!!!!!!!

Kerri said...

What a range you have! Bulbs blooming with calendulas....and so much more - your garden is amazing to me. You even have Hellebores!
I'm always so happy to see photos of your beautiful blooms, foliage plants and shrubs. The Grevillea is beautiful. Is that more than one bush?
We're having hot mid-summer-like weather here this week. It's a bit too hot to be out working in the garden. Still I'll take all the warmth I can get. We have to soak up as much as possible before the dreaded cold sets in.
Happy spring dear Alice, and thanks for sharing your lovely spring garden. xox

Susan said...

As my flowers are perpetually wilted from the late summer heat and are becoming leggy and generally looking like they want to give it up, it is refreshing to see your spring flowers and I look forward to watching your garden grow!

diane said...

What a pleasure it must be to wake up to your beautiful garden. I was happy to see that my garden survived for three weeks without any help.