Friday, September 24, 2010

Morning Stroll

An overcast morning seemed the perfect time to take garden photos - no shadows or overly bright sunshine to worry about.
I've not grown Dutch Hyacinths before and I'm so thrilled with them that I can't stop taking photos - as you will notice!

I probably love the deep purple best, but this blue fascinates me.

I can't remember the name of this plant but we bought two of them a couple of years ago, hoping they would climb and cover the trellis. They survived considerable neglect in that time and this year have provided a beautiful display of such pretty pink flowers. I need to tie them to the trellis to encourage them to climb or else the Chinese Jasmine will beat them to it.

These deep pink Dutch Hyacinths are my second favourite.


I love these daffodills with pale peach coloured centres. They've been there for many years but don't seem inclined to multiply very quickly.


Daisy shrub and Eriostemon

It's been a great season for the Leucodendrons.

Banksia (bottlebrush)

Tulips planted for the birth of our second grandaughter, Shay, nine years ago.

These wallflowers just keep coming back better and better each year.

I love the variety in colour, especially the depth of colour in the buds.

Pink Rosemary

Hyacinths again.

Pansies and Calendula


Our only Rhododendron for years, but we've planted another five recently.

Yet again !!!!

Worth a second shot, weren't they?


LC said...

What a bountiful post, and of course all these wonderful blooms just as our season is starting to wind down! Fun to share in your spring! L

Shirley said...

This is what I enjoy about visiting blogs. When the winter doldrums hit, and they will, I can simply visit blogs like yours for a little pick me up. Beautiful shots. I particularly like your wallflowers and the bottle bush. Do you know of another name for the bottle bush? It's very interesting. Of course the hyacinths are nice too. Great fragrance as well.

Frankie said...

Mmmm! The fragrance of the wall flowers and the hyacynths... I can smell them from here.

rohrerbot said...

Look at your hyacinths!!! What a beautiful bulb and flowers! Thanks for sharing the color of your garden.

racheld said...

I'm more in awe of your gardening talents every time you post. The hyacinths are the most in number and the most beautiful I've ever seen all in one place---wow.

And I'm fascinated by the bottlebrush---will it do the job? Does it dry stiff and make a good cleaner? It must be lovely in a dried arrangement with other tall items.

You just share the BEST STUFF!!


Alice said...

LC - you are welcome to enjoy our Spring; it's going to be a beauty this year.

Shirley - the 'bottlebrush' is an Australian Native plant called BANKSIA. The Callistemon has similar flowers, though not as rigid, and I often confuse them.

Frankie - your sense of smell is as good as my sense of hearing (sorry, that's an 'in' joke.)

Rachel - I've not tried it to clean bottles although it may well do the job for a while. They are very popular in floral arrangements with other Australian Native plants and last a long time.

diane said...

Spring must be an exciting time in your garden. The flowers are numerous and beautiful. Is there a Richard to go with Hyacinth (Bucket)?

Alice said...

Diane - Yes, there's definitely a Richard to go with 'Hyacinth' Bucket. In fact he often calls me that, but only when I'm drooling over the Dutch

Kerri said...

The hyacinths are a lovely mix of colours. I love those deeper shades too, but the pastels are gorgeous too.
So many lovely blooms in your spring garden!
My mother grew those same primulas and I'd love to plant some, but I haven't been able to find that variety over here. I love the way the blossoms are held high...and the lovely shades of pink and purple.
Love the banksia...wonderful coloured rhodo...oh, Hellebores..lucky you! I hope mine bloom next far hoo..
Everything is beautiful!
What a nice balance of shrubs, trees and flowers you have.
The pansies and calendulars are putting on a lovely show!
Thanks so much for sharing your spring.
I wish you could drive through our countryside right now. The autumn colours are glorious.
I'd better take some photos to share :)