Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Blossom Time

Yesterday we made a return visit to the Tulip Top Gardens to see if the Crab Apples (Malus) were in flower. As you will see by the photos, they certainly were.
Richard took his camera this time, which was just as well because after only a few shots I discovered I had a camera with two flat batteries. Nor could I find my old camera, which is always in my bag. But you guessed it - it was the first thing I saw in my bag when I got home!!! Perhaps that's a hint that I should clean out my bag more often???
The Bradford Pears had just finished flowering in time for the Crab Apples to take over.

Most were of the pale pink/white variety, but there were a few very deep pink ones too.

I'm sure you won't mind a few more tulip photos, will you?

The Crab Apples (Malus) were a wonderful contrast to the Willows and Conifers.

The Dutch Pancakes were just right for morning tea.

The next three photos were taken from the viewing platform above the gardens.


rohrerbot said...

Those blossoms are incredible. So it's spring time around your neck of the woods?:)

Frankie said...

Is that in the A.C.T. or in Holland? ...I like your hat!

Alice said...

Frankie - it's actually in New South Wales, just a few kms over the ACT border. The road you see in the distance is the Federal Highway between Canberra and Goulburn. Yes, the hat is so stylish, isn't it?

Kerri said...

How lovely to see your smiling face :)
May I join you for morning tea, Madam?
Those crabapple blossoms are glorious!
I especially love that spot where the path leads down to the curved line of shrubs (picture #8). The contrast of colours and shapes is truly beautiful.
And oh, those deep pink tulips with the paler shade of blossoms and the greens in #26 - gorgeous!
But all the photos are beautiful.
They've created a little paradise.
I know just what it's like to "lose" things in your bag ;) I'm so glad Richard had his camera!
Thanks for taking us along for the tour :) xox