Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Room for more photos...

From the time that Richard bought his camera early last year, he has for some reason been loathe to clear photos from the camera even after they've been downloaded to the computer. Consequently, he would often have to delete a few to make room for others, usually while I stand around impatiently waiting for him to get on with it.
Since he doesn't know how to put them on the computer, I would usually nag him after each download to "Get rid of the thousands of photos on the card", but all to no avail. Until yesterday when he said I could clear the card entirely. Before he could change his mind I wiped the lot.
He picked up the camera. Perhaps it felt 'lighter', or maybe it was just the thrill of knowing he could happily snap away for a few thousand more photos, but he went for a stroll around the garden just to see what he could see.....and this is what he saw!

Every year we take countless photos of this cherry tree because we never tire of the masses of the beautiful blossom - and the anticipation of delicious cherries in a couple of months.

Cercis Forest Pansy, with Petosporum behind.


Calendula. I love the symmetry of their petals.

Japanese Maple

Anyone for Broad Beans? If all the flowers become beans I think we'll become a strange shade of green.

Pear blossom.

Very hardy Marguerites.





A rather pretty tulip, neither quite double nor single.

'Shay's' tulips.


Californian poppies.


I wish you could hear the bees in the cherry blossom.

Our one Rhododendron for many years, but we bought 5 more this year.

This is the view through the loungeroom window.


More C.poppies.

Erimophola nivea.


I thought I pulled out about a tonne of these, but they keep coming up.


LC said...

What wonderful photos of the garden... fantastic, and that japanese maple is outstanding! L

Ozjane said...

Lovely photos in a lovely garden

Shirley said...

Terrrific photos! I am mesmerized by the banksia! I've never seen anything like it.

Frankie said...

A superb garden you've got... but ah no quince tree!!! (private joke)

diane said...

Fabulous photos and an even better garden. it is stunning. I love the bluebells.

Kerri said...

Richard's camera must have a big card! I'm glad he was finally convinced to let you empty it. But not as glad as you, I'm sure :)
Those are beautiful photos he snapped. Your garden is a mass of color and blooms at the moment. You must be loving it!
The cherry tree is magnificent. Yes, I'd love to hear the bees working those thousands of blossoms.
Gorgeous tulips!
I haven't seen ranunculus for a very long time. So pretty.
I have Calendulas blooming too :) None quite as pretty as yours though.
Loved the tour. Thank you!
Richard seems to be really enjoying his camera and that's a good thing!
We have beautiful sunshine here this morning, but frost is predicted for tonight. Ugh! Hope it won't be a hard one. I'm not ready to let go yet!

LindaD said...

Magnificent art, music, photography always touches my heart - Once again walking through your garden brings me to tears - Its so beautiful and so obviously loved. Visiting your gardens and Kerri's still inspires me to want more here. So happy to find you still sharing your love for flowers.