Saturday, November 06, 2010

.... and still they come!

A few more of Richard's photos from when he took his camera for a walk around the garden.
Eriginon (Seaside Daisy)


The Bridal Veil Broom (centre) has been spectacular this year, flowering for weeks.

Cercis Forest Pansy, and Pittosporum

Alogoyne (Native Hibiscus)

Cornus (Dogwood) - it's meant to be white but the flowers are actually more green than white.


Yellow climbing roses and white Icebergs. (I'm sorry that I either never knew or have forgotten the names of most of the roses.)


Acanthus (Oyster Plant)

We bought 5 rhododenrons this year. Three didn't flower but have put on masses of new growth, but this very dark purple one is a beauty, and a red one is just beginning to flower.

Driveway littered with male cherry flowers.

Cotinus (Smoke Bush) grows nearly two metres in a season....I'm sure I could see it growing if I tried.

View down the length of the deck (74sq metres). At the far end is where most of our propogation is carried out. It's not the tidiest of areas, but what 'nursery' is?

Down the back steps to the garden and courtyard.

From the deck.


racheld said...

A walk round the Garden, indeed!!

It's like a tour of Bellingrath or Calloway, though they could both take some tips from You TWO.

Thank you for the bright and the beautiful you're always sending out into the world.


Shirley said...

You have a great view from your back door looking down! Your flowering dogwood is stunning!

Ozjane said...

Love the white columbines and I must try a dogwood again.
Rhodedendron is flowering very well.

Kerri said...

Ah, a nice mixture of closeups and long shots. Those are some very pretty views. Love the shots looking under the cherry tree, and down the stairs.
My, what a lovely big deck you have! It doesn't look at least bit untidy to me. It does, however, look like a lot of watering!
I see "that red flower" is blooming extravagantly :) And Richard photographed it. Is he softening his attitude toward it?
Your garden is a true growing delight! Thank you both for sharing the beauty. Seeing your beautiful spring garden makes the transition into our long, cold winter easier to bear.
Keep those photos coming, Richard! (please) :)

diane said...

It must be like living in the garden of Eden.