Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Very Enjoyable Week ....

.... was spent in Victoria. Two days with my sister and her family followed by nearly five days at a very comfortable resort on the Mornington Peninsula, close to Port Philip Bay.
The concert by the Victoria Welsh Choir on the Saturday night was wonderful and it was good to meet up with a number of friends again.
The weather during the week ranged from wild winds, heavy rain, bitter cold to fine, sunny and reasonably warm. But the cold and the wet didn't spoil our holiday as the resort was very cosy and comfortable, and a good opportunity for reading, knitting and watching far too much TV.
On the Friday morning we boarded the Sorrento - Queenscliff ferry to cross Port Philip Bay. It's a 50 minute trip that I always enjoy, at least if it's smooth, which it was. We stayed the night with my sister in Geelong and helped her celebrate her 60th Birthday next day with most of the family.
We arrived back in Canberra on Sunday afternoon to eagerly await the arrival of Tanya, Geoff and Arlo the next day. We had a few delightful days with them and we looked forward to seeing them again in Brisbane next weekend where we'll have a reunion of the whole family (children and grandchildren) - the first time we will have all been together for 18 months, during which time two more babies were added to the family.
This will also be the first trip in our new car - we should know how to handle it by the time we return home in about 10 days time ...... lol.
Wind whipped waves along the Bay.

The ferry about to berth at Sorrento.
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racheld said...

What an adventurous time! I've always wanted to ride a ferry, just once. And I could just SIT with my feet dangling over the wall, as those waves wash and wash.

And what a treat to anticipate having the whole clan together at last, with those dear new little ones---i'm so glad for you.

Андрей said...

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Kerri said...

I haven't been very observant, have I? This post has been here almost a month and I've just found it!
My those seas are choppy. I'm glad you had some good weather to counteract the bad. It sounds like you had a delightful time.
That is one giant ferry!
It must've been so wonderful to see Tanya, Geoff and Arlo again.
I see you had milder temps today. I hope there was some sunshine to go with that.
We had a beautiful, breezy day with plenty of sunshine.

Kerri said...

I thought I'd commented on this post but I guess not. Perhaps the comment didn't make it through. Lately Blogger has been making it difficult for me to leave comments on blogs...a very annoying quirk!
That windswept ocean is so beautiful. You have no idea of the nostalgia it produces in my mind. Well, perhaps you do have some idea :)
I'll bet you enjoyed riding on that huge ferry. I can imagine us riding with you both, inhaling the sea air and feeling the salty ocean spray. Mmmm, lovely. I'm sure it would be good for Ross's lungs.
Thanks for the stroll along the beach, dear friend. It's so much appreciated.

Marisa Reis said...

The sea don't invite to a trip, or I'm very sissy...

I always enjoy your photos, specially because we have different seasons, when here is summer in your country is winter...

I wish you and your family health and hapiness like we always see in your photos.

A kiss from Portugal.