Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dutch Hyacinths and other portents of Spring

A good day for photography and an overwhelming sense of guilt for not having blogged for so long took me on a stroll around the garden yesterday, and this is what I found.

Highly perfumed Dutch Hyacinths ....

..... with a background of Jonquils






Snowdrops or Snowflakes (I forget which is which.)

Who would be without mint?


White violets

More Daffodils


Hellebores - I wish they weren't so shy and then they could lift their heads and we could see their pretty faces.


Don't know its name but I've nicknamed it the 'jellybean plant' - delightful succulent that grows so easily.

Pink Correa


Violet violets!

Perennial Wallflower

These lettuce seedlings were self-sown in the compost.

I must apologise for not acknowledging several comments. For some reason Blogger is putting them all in the 'Moderation' page and I didn't see them for ages. Thank you for all your comments - they are always very much appreciated.


racheld said...

Portents of Spring!! This has been a delightful while I've spent with First Cup, and so removed from what I expected today.

We're on lookout for the first tinges of the golds and reds, during these (finally) cool mornings, and I can see the fade and dwindle to the pot plants that have stuck it out through the heat and dry Summer.

Just lovely---crocus! Hyacinths! And Jellybeans---even cuter than the "babytoes" that I've always called it. Hope you're having a BUSY, wonderful Spring!

And the Family Portrait is absolutely splendid!


tajanstvena said...

amazing, beautiful and surreal

Michelle said...

OK - so maybe I could miss Canberra for one week of the year!!!! Love the pics!!! Would love some of those in a vase in my house just now!!! The Anemones first!!!!

Kerri said...

What a sight for sore eyes your spring garden must be! It's loaded with beautiful blooms!
Those hyacinths are wonderful. I'm imagining the delightful scent...mmmm.
My mother always had primulas in that shade. I love them.
Tritelia is new to me. Such sweet little flowers.
Anemones..another favourite. Such perfect blooms. Love the colours.
Daffodils are pure joy! :)
Your tiny white blooms are Snowflakes. Lovely!
Mum always grew Jonquils too. I adore their scent.
Crocus are always so welcome with their bright blooms.
Your 'jellybean' plant is a Sedum of some kind. It looks a lot like one I have called 'Lizard'. I love Sedum!
Well, I obviously love all your beautiful plants :)
Your spring garden is a growing delight, indeed. I know how much you and Richard are enjoying it.
Thanks for sharing it with us, dear Alice.

Ozjane said...

Lovely. Enjoyed the row of hyacinths. Mine seem to be scattered all around, apart from those in pots.