Thursday, June 30, 2005

Haven't we gone quiet?

Ah, nothing like some winter weather and beautiful rain to make us go a little quiet on the gardening front. I hope everyone who needs it has received some rain, although hopefully not quite as much as the Gold Coast and northern NSW Coast. I've never experienced a flood but I imagine that the damage would be extreme and cleaning houses that have been flooded must be dreadful. I know how long it took to dry the carpet every time I flooded the laundry! And that didn't contain any mud.

Plants in the garden are an entirely different green now. Although we haven't had a huge amount of rain (heading for 100mm over three weeks) it all seems to have soaked into the ground, and there's been almost no evaporation.

Did manage to dig over two vegie garden beds and then plant 150 pansies around the edge. Richard had grown them from seed as he likes to have nearly as many flowers as vegetables in his area of the garden. The weather stayed fine long enough yesterday to mulch up many barrowloads of material for the compost. We still haven't been out to collect autumn leaves yet. Looks like we may have to collect them while they're damp as they could take a long time to dry out.

ShellyC and family arrived safely in Switzerland on Tuesday. The weather is hot and humid and the children are enjoying the wading pool. Hard to imagine when it's wet and cold here.

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