Wednesday, June 15, 2005

TANYA - these are for you

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The new balaustrades so your mother doesn't fall down the steps!

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The 'play' or propagating area of the deck. Running out of space for boxes and trays of plants.

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Michelle can't believe that your father actually bought that green paint for the lattice. I can't work out what to plant against it as every other green clashes with it. A climber with burgundy leaves would be great but I don't know of any, yet.


Calidore said...

Mmmm got to wonder about that colour paint. Maybe it looked ok in the can. Love the pictures of the house and garden. Wish we lived closer.

caliope said...

can i ask you a question? how can you put more than 1 picture using Hello in the same post?
thank you.

Alice said...

Caliope - posting photos is such frustrating fun, isn't it? After you've posted all the photos go 'behind the scenes' to EDIT POST. There you will find all your photos listed as separate Blogs. You will need to cut and paste each one into just one of the listed blogs. You will see about ten lines of 'text' so highlight it, then cut. You will need to 'Save as Draft' the now empty box before you can leave that window (I always do that because I'm not game to do otherwise)but when you've finished combining the photos you can go back and easily delete all the empty drafts. Go to the one blog where you are going to combine all the photos, and paste in the photo you have removed. Do the same for all the other photos for that day or blog.

If you need more clarification, write to me on the email shown on my Profile. If you send me your phone number I'll give you a call.

Best of luck.

Alice said...
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Alice said...

Caliope - on second thoughts, maybe I won't give you a call - I've just noticed that you are in Portugal. Feel free to write to me though if you need more clarification.

Sonia said...

Beautiful house! The view through your kitchen window is wonderful!

Linda A said...

OH SIGH !!! I know what the gren is for.. Green with envy - Such a wonderful, old fashioned, totally usable porch!! How wonderful. What a great place to start plants. Our porch is without a roof, but is heading for one soon. Yea!